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The joy within a woman

The joy within a woman is an essence a man can feel. He pursues it, as he craves for her attention. He feeds on it as child suckles on her breast.

It gives him hope, it gives him strength, it gives him wonder. As he rests his head on her stomach, he can listen to living hidden worlds.

Her presence is a sign of hope and when smiling, a reason to be cheerful. She is not always aware of all that she is, as she can become lost in mental pictures that seem to have no ending.

As beauty comes from within, joy can be felt outside of her body. In peace. she can take your pain away, as her tone is emotional music to your soul.

She has the power to make you feel, everything is going to be alright. When she trusts herself, you can have no better partner, when she trusts you, you can have no better friend.

Life starts when you understand, that love begins with self-acceptance, the hidden mental pictures of our past, do not have to be the road maps to our lives.

Men will always be attracted to light, love and joy, when not in pain. Pain only eventually converts love to pain, as distraction is not a cure.

A man in peace creates stability, foundation and strength. His joy is found in reflection from others towards him, he needs to be needed and respected as himself.

Good is still good, he needs the love that the woman has for herself to shine through and show him the way as well as give him peace.

Love is a drug, the purer the essence, the deeper you have to search within yourself to find it. A smile says a thousand words, when sometimes a thousand words cannot make you happy.

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