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"You cannot win if you are not right within"

The bigger the lie the easier it is to believed. As we survive by creating better day fantasies we no longer appreciate how much control of our lives has been taken away in the name of progress and security.

Protecting of our way of life is great if you feel like you fit in, however, many of us have to shrink who we are to fit into a place we have not been made to feel welcome.

When your intelligence is not required and only your obedience is respected, it is easy to see why we feel so drained as a result of playing this game.

When you become a rebel for just thinking for yourself, the saying can we all just get along often translate to, can you just be quiet, let us shine and just do as you are told.

The wicked are unfortunately reigning, as we now seek permission from those who stole their position. Morality is now prescribed by those who have committed the worse crimes against mankind.

God never made the concept of money, man did and such people require you to change who you are as well as worship them, before you are deemed worthy to receive it.

This reality design started at the beginning of time, when you appreciate that the 7-day week is a belief system created by religion.

As you awake and then open your eyes each morning, your first action is to quickly search for the time, so you can unthinkingly mentally clock back into the matrix.

The war on the mind began when you were a child. We were given a skin colour, a class status, a gender bias, a religion and a in fear of authority complex.

The labellers became our handlers as we had no need to doubt all the lies they told us as they stole our identity and our #history from right under our noses.

A fair and balanced playing field was never part of any plan, to destroy the child identity confidence would maintain that the reality designers stay in control. The greatest theft of all is when you want praise for a history your ancestors did not make.

Know thy self has been replaced by know thy place. Go within to found yourself has been replaced with #pray and wait.

The reason why people become so offended when you challenge religion is that you are attacking their hope. A tremendous amount of our own self-love has been poured into these concepts and as we were never allowed to know our own self power, many cannot see another option for them to be saved. To be fair you cannot blame them, these positions were not created by accident

I have to admit that I am not a fan of those who say just go within, they often never quite explain what it is and what it should look like.

The religious programming has been designed to be hypnotic and is unrelenting in the suggested persecution of those who do not follow the path.

The hardest part of the classes that I teach is the breaking of the external god spell. Everyone is so used saying I believe in a god who created the earth, the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees and also me. I merely ask how and why would one being create so many variations of everything, why would one thing do all of that.

Sadly, as the concept is an uploaded mental program, people do not know how (not part of the program), the just say I believe and look at you blank.

When I ask what can you create, they answer nothing. Sadly, they have surrender who they are and the create power they use in every moment of every day, has been handed over to these religious ideas.

We have been so mentally malnourished we struggle to speak for ourselves, unfortunately, there are those that can only repeat what they have been told.

In truth is, all starts with your voice, your internal voice that is. We are not our internal voice, if you can hear your voice, does that not make it separate from you.

We have not been made aware of how we create that internal voice and how we could not experience our lives without it.