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In this beginners course we endeavour to take you to the places that religion and education cannot reach. We speak to the part of you that has no name. We have conversations with the creator within you that the majority do not want to acknowledge or respect.

We speak to the part of you that wants to be recognised and challenging, but does not know what words to use. We aim to guide your spirit, back to its rightful spot in control of your mind.


Once upon a time we used to know, now we are just looking for the best story to believe in. There is power in what we have and our external appearance, however, there is not a sustainable satisfaction that quietens much of our internal conflict. We know we are not the version of ourselves we are meant to be and in this course we seek to start addressing that part of you and bring you back to the version of yourself, you can feel exists, however, are not sure what you need to do to reclaim it in a consistent and balanced manner.

We deal with you and not what you feel you have fear to be safe. Your ancestors are not idols to be worshiped or want you to feel sorry or ashamed of them. They are the parental voices within you that never gave up in trying to raise their child.


Our aim is to make that connection not based on how gifted you may think you have to be; as we make it in your right as a being to have that connection.

Fear has no say in this relationship, unless you say so.


The foundation course covers the standard understanding of what we may know to have a better relationship with ourselves. The later courses teach you to have a better relationship with your creative spiritual selves.

10 weeks is a minimum of 4 hours each class, which are interactive sessions where you are free to be your true inquisitive spiritual personality.

A place where the silent curiosities are allowed to be spoken and allowed.

To Know Thyself
Image by Ross Sokolovski

Amazing, amazing, amazing. I did all of the “know Thyself” courses and to be honest no words can do it justice because it was a wholesome experience. It opens your mind and gives you greater confidence of self as well as tools to assist you. You also come away with a family of like minded individuals. Charlotte

Course details

DURATION      :     10 weeks

FULL FEE        :      £1350  (Payment option is available)

CLASS TIME   :     1pm to 6pm

START DATE   :      Planned dates: 21st May - 30th July (including a week rest on 18th June )

LOCATION       :      Online – Zoom

Week : 1 | Date: 21st May

The importance of Ancestral connection

In the introduction class we cover who we are, what we are, who are our ancestors and what are their purposes in our current life. The importance of Ancestral reverence. Where did we come from, how did we get here and what are we here to do. It’s like we appeared in a story and have been asked to accept this story as the way it is, when we know deep down that things do not make sense, we just don’t have the time to challenge the questions in our mind.

Week : 2 | Date: 28th May

How our spirit communicates with us every day

How does your spiritual mind work, the art of hearing your inner voice, how we think in pictures and how we have always been in communication with our Ancestors without consciously knowing. Reconnecting to the science of our spiritual selves. Moving beyond the religion and organised beliefs to start knowing yourself from a relationship with your inner selves. Breaking the educated past to allow you to get ready to start your inner communication journey.

Week : 3 | Date: 4th June

Tools for communicating with your Ancestors

A clear and straightforward process on how to communicate with your ancestors. This practical system becomes a tool that returns the power to communicate with your ancestors back into your hands. No previous knowledge required. This is a human right, not just an imagined gift. I can only remind you of what you have forgotten what you can do. This is not a religious experience, just you bringing clarity to your inner conversations, that we take for granted, however, allows us to make sense of our lives.

Week : 4 | Date: 11th June

Cleansing the body and how to make a spiritual bath

How to conduct your own spiritual baths with the purpose of clearing your energy field, reducing physical pain and clearing your mind. Step by step guide to complete your own spiritual cleansing baths. With the use of oils, lemons and various other items, as well as various understandings on how to remove energy trapped under our skin from the exhalation of feelings and thoughts. The scent of sweat changes based on how we feel, our skin does not release everything and can hold on to those negative feelings for much longer than we are aware of.

Week : 5 | Date: 25th June

How to spiritually cleanse your home

How to keep your home spiritually clean. As we are electromagnetic beings, we are constantly picking up unwanted toxic energies from people and places. How we bring this energy home and infect ourselves, our possession and our environment. These energies linger and remain in our space and can unfortunately contaminate us when we return home. Our clothes, our beds and our furniture can be the biggest culprits. There is no point cleaning a window with a dirty cloth. We need to keep our environment energy clean as well as visually clean. The energy of an argument can stays in the room, longer after the event. We need to understand the power of our words and presence a bit more, to truly obtain peace in our homes.

Week : 6 | Date: 2nd July

Understanding spiritual health

How Illnesses have a lifeforce and intelligence. How illness can be attacked by ourselves and how positive thoughts affects the quality of the healing energy power within your body. We seem comfortable believing our health has more to do with what we eat than how we think. The poison generated from out of our thoughts can be more harmful to our body, than what we could consume with our mouths. Mental health has been measured by crazy people`s standards. The past is still present when we cannot control the unwanted appearances of those memories in your imagination.

Week : 7 | Date: 9th July

Sexual spiritual health

How sexual intercourse becomes an energy marriage, how our bodies have magnets which bring and keep people together, what we transfer of ourselves during this connection and a breakdown of soul mates as well as twin flames. Introduction of the concept of independent sex energies, which have major influence over the partners who we believe that we choose. Love and sex are not really related. We share ourselves on a level we do not truly understand. Nothing happens by accident, as our choices may have been made before we were born. We want to fall in love with ourselves, we just need others to help believe it.

Week : 8 | Date: 16th July

Escape from mental slavery and programming

How we create programs to give instructions for our actions. How we have been programmed during education, by the media and as a result of religious information. In every moment you are asked to choose which option/program you are going to execute as your actions, the problem comes when none of the choices were created by you. Our minds are more like computers that we can ever conceive. We create programs to give instructions to our actions and ideas are merely images placed in a sequence which informs us how to think or how to write the program on what to think. The science of spirituality becomes evident, as we go through this week.

Week : 9 | Date: 23rd July

Past lives and spiritual debts

How do our past lives affect our current life story? An African spirituality explanation of Karma, how spiritual debts are created and how they can be cleared. There is more to us that can be explained in a few lines. Our stories have become our lives; however, we have forgotten we are living them and our stories are not supposed to be living us. All stories are not equal, as we have come to this world for different reasons, people have become confused and believe they can be better than someone else.

Week : 10 | Date: 30th July

Mastering the elements within yourself

A guided meditation that takes you on a journey within your own spirit world. Master the elements of travel through your inner worlds. This course has many guided meditations across all of the weeks. Each one has been designed to explore your relationship with elements in your mind and body. We also show you how to speak in your original language, not from your imagined country of origin, we ask you to speak the language from the place you were before you were born.


Student Support

  • Weekly Tutorial Meeting

  • Online student forum

  • Email support

  • Class notes

  • Audio and Video of classes available for purchase.

  • Class practical work


 Assessment Method

  • Group work and exercises

  • Personal assignments

  • Certificate on completion Duration



"I wouldn’t say I was sceptical about the course at first, but I did turn to my planetary family for reassurance it was the right thing for me.

Once it actually started, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sundays. Week by week, the class was guided towards knowing and accepting themselves as “spirits having a human experience.”

Edison was brilliant at teaching such a large class, whilst attending to our individual journeys in his spare time.

One thing I appreciated the most was the Lemon and Garlic spiritual bath for protection healing (& Freedom as I felt liberated after).

The lesson came when I needed it most and I was able to see my life transformed overnight.

Edison has a selection of oils that complement the bath ritual with a breakdown of what to do in each moment and advice on what to say to your ancestors. The Dragons blood, being what I bought twice as it’s energy was most valuable to me at the time, was my favourite as I had never used it in oil form before.

Overall, the 12-week experience with Edison was a blessing and I would recommend sessions with Edison to anyone wishing to connect more with their Ancestral Essence."


Sophia Myambala



5 hour class duration over 10 weeks  = £1350

Early bird option: full payment of £1200 made by the 11th April 2022

The plans impact the discount for the purchase of audio and video recording of the class sessions. The less instalments the bigger the discount.

Audio recordings of previous courses are available for purchase. We want to make the course available to all.


Investing in yourself spiritually is just as important as investing in yourself financially.

We all seek a peace within ourselves that comes from knowing that money cannot always buy a holistic life.

Please contact me to ask about purchasing previous audio recordings.

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