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How we feel today is based on what we did yesterday. How we physically appear today was chosen from a part of our mind that we do not control.


We have a council within that judges how best protect us from our emotionally indulgent selves. The conclusions from this council are communicated within us in a special alchemy language. This language does not belong to any nation, it is an energy that can magically change our appearance as well as our state of mind overnight. We might believe we are making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle or are we just trying to convince this council to risk giving us the life story we believe we deserve.

We at Ancestral Essence have designed our oils with knowledge of the Alchemy language spoken within all of us. This is something we teach on our courses as it the building blocks who we are and how we function. See courses for more details on language.

Our moods, our pains, our environment as well as our self-healing are dependant on the right energy information removing and preventing the residual negative energy within us that will continue to harm us.


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