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Our Ancestors see our future, our present and our past. Parenting does not end at transition as they are eyes and ears in worlds within us. They guide us, protect us and want to maintain the relationship as well as work with them.

Our readings focus on teaching our clients on how to make this connection. We have devised a way to re-unite you with those who have your best interests at heart. We teach you how to do the divination yourself, so that you build on the relationship after the reading.

Our courses greatly expand on these understandings and cover ways to clear yourself as well as your home of unwanted energies, from generational attachments, forms of abuse and energies that remain from bad relationships.

Our readings give you an introduction into your spiritual capabilities. No experience required as we are helping you learn how to communicate and speak to your ancestors directly. We have over 20 years of experience showing people how to make these connections.

The readings last an hour, where we initially have a consultation on the reason for having the reading and then ask your ancestors for clarification on what has happened and what can be done.

Materials required to help resolve the situation are charged separately from the reading.

The minimum age to book a reading is 18 years old. Parents would need to be present for anyone who needs assistance under that age.

Please check the available dates to book reading, payment in advance required. We require 2 days’ notice if you need to cancel your reading. This gives someone else the opportunity to book that space on short notice.

The readings cost £180 per hour.

  • 1 hr

    180 British pounds
Image by Ross Sokolovski

I count myself very fortunate to meet and study the Ancestral lessons from this great master Edison. 

Anyone who ponders upon the question of their existence and their spiritual journey will find great value in his teachings. Its broadened my perspective on the many so called realities of the world such as religion, money, time, and space. We are learning how the universe is run and how to navigate and interact with all of creation through the ancestral lens. That there are many realities not just one.

The lessons are very engaging and interactive, usually delivered within 7 to 8 very unnoticed hours.

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