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The requirement for this course is to have completed our Intermediate Course. We are very proud of the courses we have created and appreciate this one put you in a place where few have travelled

You the consciousness, You the soul and you the Creator.

You already made the choice, that is not the problem. 

The question is why you made the choice.

The problem is the version of you that made the choice is not the one asking the question. 

Your name keeps you locked down in the idea that you have not changed, whereas a more evolved version of you wakes up to face every day.

This course embarks on the journey into the many versions of you. We have been brought to believe we are here to repair something that is not real. The emptiness inside is based on not achieving our reasons for being alive.

We are simply here to repair ourselves, not for the jobs or the causes. Everything you do is to impress to yourself the idea of you. This 10-week course is to take you into the what, the why and the how of our purpose for being here.

The what, the why and the how of our purpose for being here
Image by Ross Sokolovski

"Your journey begins when you meet your ancestors "


This course has given me crystal clear understanding of an array of topics on spirituality. Edisons ability to break down concepts through his experiences and studies, have been one of the many highlights of his course. 

His entire curriculum is centered around

the truth that you are the author of your life, which allows you to be aware of the details your own journey. I highly recommend his course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on spirituality.

Course details

DURATION      :     10 weeks

FULL FEE        :      £2500  (Payment option is available)

CLASS TIME   :     1pm to 6pm


LOCATION       :      Online – Zoom

Week: 1 |

Who are you, the database or the Spirit writing it

What are you? Nothing is ever enough, feeding your story not your soul. Consciousness versus Ego. You need to succeed when you have been taught you have failed. The male/female gender debate as regards to your soul.

Week: 2 |

The Mechanics of Reality

How the mind makes the world. Decoding waveform based on belief programming. You are everything and everything is you. You are God and also the Devil. Time the mental diary program. Timing is soul organisation.


Week: 3 |

The world of the Ancestors, guides in the spirit world

Past lives, clearing debts, who are the ancestors really, bad ancestors and teaching you to become yourself.

Week: 4 |     

Entities, how they are created, by us, not by us and how they steal our life-force

What we are born with from previous lives, what we have created as a result of fear and education. Who`s voice wins your internal arguments? The battle within, the evolution to fight our own good fight. The entity made us do it. The only war we came here to fight, the rest is just distractions.


Week: 5 |

Soul, Soul councils, breaking and understanding our relationships

 Travelling to the inner dimension of your soul. Speaking to your soul council to help you understand why you are here and what have you come here to fix. Who are the people in your life and what are your connections to them? How to remove people from your life and what needs to be cleared to bring you some peace as well as keep your happiness.


Week: 6 |                                                                                                                                  Clearing attachments, baths, space clearing and the black soap

Black soap creation. Finding the ODU (life path for your life) and creating a soap that gives the daily cleanse to enjoy and repair that path. All the baths and space clearing techniques to maintain your energy and your home.


Week: 7 |

Conversing with the departments of yourself; Speaking to the wisdom of your body and mind

We are a collective of many wisdoms within one body. The departments of our being operate at metaphysical levels of intelligence. They know their purpose and how to use their alchemy to get things done. Tapping into yourself and starting to repair external issues. They have the codes to bring back balance to your mind and life.


Week: 8 |     

The councils of you, the wiser versions of you and the you who you pray to

We have only ever prayed to ourselves as we are the creators of this experienced reality. We learn to speak to the creation department within us and see how to access much deeper as well as more powerful ways to experience the wonders of this world, that we have been educated to block from our mind`s eyes. We start our inner ascension to our true god selves.


Week: 9 |           

Ancestral readings, how to do, how to diagnose and how to repair

How to complete and ancestral reading on others. How to speak to their spirit, ancestors and soul to look for where they have used their own god self unwisely or who and what could have compromised it. To help restore balance to enable them to use their energy to start their own repair. We are only responsible for levelling the playing field, unless you have a debt with them, your life cannot be given in sacrifice of theirs.


Week: 10 |

Heal yourself with your own power language energy; Outer body experience to repair your own body spirit

To learn to consciously travel outside of your body, to see energies and attachments on you as well as around you. To use your language with the help of your ancestors and a more powerful version of you to reset the balance within yourself.


Student Support

  • Weekly Tutorial Meeting

  • Online student forum

  • Email support

  • Class notes

  • Audio and Video of classes available for purchase.

  • Class practical work


 Assessment Method

  • Group work and exercises

  • Personal assignments

  • Certificate on completion Duration



"I wouldn’t say I was sceptical about the course at first, but I did turn to my planetary family for reassurance it was the right thing for me.

Once it actually started, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sundays. Week by week, the class was guided towards knowing and accepting themselves as “spirits having a human experience.”

Edison was brilliant at teaching such a large class, whilst attending to our individual journeys in his spare time.

One thing I appreciated the most was the Lemon and Garlic spiritual bath for protection healing (& Freedom as I felt liberated after).

The lesson came when I needed it most and I was able to see my life transformed overnight.

Edison has a selection of oils that complement the bath ritual with a breakdown of what to do in each moment and advice on what to say to your ancestors. The Dragons blood, being what I bought twice as it’s energy was most valuable to me at the time, was my favourite as I had never used it in oil form before.

Overall, the 12-week experience with Edison was a blessing and I would recommend sessions with Edison to anyone wishing to connect more with their Ancestral Essence."


Sophia Myambala



5 hour class duration over 10 weeks  = £2500

Early bird option: full payment of *** made by the *****

The plans impact the discount for the purchase of audio and video recording of the class sessions. The less instalments the bigger the discount.

Audio recordings of previous courses are available for purchase. We want to make the course available to all.


Investing in yourself spiritually is just as important as investing in yourself financially.

We all seek a peace within ourselves that comes from knowing that money cannot always buy a holistic life.

Please contact me to ask about purchasing previous audio recordings.

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