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Hi my name is Selina I did the Know thy self course in 2019 and the advance level 2020.

The course taught us how to connect with our Ancestors and in depth about us being spiritual beings and what that can mean to us in this life. We learnt about past lives and how some of the decisions we made back then could be affecting us now and how  we can write off some of those debts. We learnt that the family we have now has always been connected to us and we just change roles, you can also find out what role they played previously. We all came into this planet with our own language, we learned the names of our organs in that language and the importance of it and so much more. 

The course was definitely life changing for me, creating the connection with my and ancestors and asking them for assistance and then hearing and seeing the results was breathtaking, now I truly overstand why this was hidden from us, because I know reconnecting with your ancestors is how you truly reconnect with the power within it’s like you're almost untouchable. 

Your spiritual gifts you came into the world with become stronger, my intuition has been so on point lately that it’s scary at times. 

The experience was life changing and you see the world differently than most people. I continue to use the tools daily from this course and my life has never been the same since then. I often share what I’ve learnt from these courses to help other people out as much as I can. 

Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I had these teachings earlier on in my life. 

Teachings like these are needed in our communities so we can become mentally stronger, spiritually in tune and most importantly learning how to know & accept self unconditionally. 

Lastly I would like to give a big Thank you to such amazing spiritual Teacher who is definitely highly advanced in what he does I haven’t met another being like him and it was a pleasure to have been taught by such a great being someone who I will never forget who changed my life for the better Thank you again Edison Agbandje for sharing your gift with the world Divine love & light Selina xxx



Amazing, amazing, amazing. I did all of the “know Thyself” courses and to be honest no words can do it justice because it was a wholesome experience. It opens your mind and gives you greater confidence of self as well as tools to assist you. You also come away with a family of like minded individuals. Charlotte



“Know Thyself Course” was a game changer for me personally and I embraced the teaching. 

Following the first session I knew I had found the key to unlocking my ancestral account. 

Once I had cleared my physical hard drive and reset my mindset to the reality of this life experience. I started to hear my ancestral family and tuned into my “sixth Sense” as it is commonly referred to.  Gradually I started to ignore the external interferences. 

I can see clearly now and do not attach to the many stories that I see being performed each day. 

I am grateful to Brother Edision for being a prodigy.  You gave me the opportunity therefore, enabling me to find my direction towards living a physical life but enjoying my spiritual experience. 





This is My testimonial :

I thank my ancestors for the day that I was introduced to Edison's 'Know Thy Self Course'. In just the first lesson of 13, my whole mindset was transformed. The knowledge Edison imparted over the weeks, elevated me to a higher level of spiritual awakeness. I found the foundation course so awe inspiring and waited with anticipation and excitement for the Intermediate and Advance courses. Each level opened up my mind to a higher state of self awareness and spiritual intelligence. Edison is a marvellous font of knowledge and master of 'spiritual' teachings, he has a powerful connection with the ancestors and is able to impart the lessons he receives from them in a skillful and kind manner, with the ability to explain and break down complicated information in an easy to understand form. What a gift! Thank you Edison for sharing your purpose. Love and light Anna-May❤️🧎🏾‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️👌🏽🌹




I did Edison ‘s Foundation course of  Know Thy Self. I was blown away by the intense  information that was given. It gave me a sense of what is missing in our growth as human beings on Earth. I learnt the real connections between our Ancestors and our Spiritual Self. If you are ready to break the programming, the matrix of this society and learn the true meaning into your evolution and what you came here to do, this is the course for you.




I have learned so much from the course in terms of the power of the ancestors and how to access them. Since completing level one and progressing on to level two I have a deeper understanding of the spiritual reasons behind the causes of traumatic events and methods of intervention. Thanks to Edison's course I am now armed with a variety of tools which enable me to care for myself spiritually. I found Edison to be extremely  knowledgeable surrounding African Spirituality. He provides an open friendly learning environment. I felt at ease asking questions and would definitely recommend taking this course.



I did Edison ‘s Foundation course of  Know Thy Self. I was blown away by the intense  information that was given. It gave me a sense of what is missing in our growth as human beings on Earth. I learnt the real connections between our Ancestors and our Spiritual Self. If you are ready to break the programming, the matrix of this society and learn the true meaning into your evolution and what you came here to do, this is the course for you.



"Your journey begins when you meet your ancestors "

This course has given me crystal clear understanding of an array of topics on spirituality. Edison's ability to break down concepts through his experiences and studies, have been one of the many highlights of his course. 

His entire curriculum is centred around the truth that you are the author of your life, which allows you to be aware of the details your own journey. I highly recommend his course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on spirituality.



The course provided a wealth of material needed for my spiritual journey and growth, and with amazing support. Very transformational, highly recommended.




I count myself very fortunate to meet and study the Ancestral lessons from this great master Edison. 

Anyone who ponders upon the question of their existence and their spiritual journey will find great value in his teachings. Its broadened my perspective on the many so called realities of the world such as religion, money, time, and space. We are learning how the universe is run and how to navigate and interact with all of creation through the ancestral lens. That there are many realities not just one.

The lessons are very engaging and interactive, usually delivered within 7 to 8 very unnoticed hours.



I lost count of the number of levels we took,  there was always the yearning to learn more.

And I can personally tell you. We still wouldn't mind a class or 2 or 3.. for the advanced advanced class. Hint hint!! I laugh to myself when I think how I  stalked Edison for 2 days at first. I received his information from my friend ivie, she knew I would connect with this brother.

I felt this urgency that I couldn't describe (ancestral energy already at work). Anyway I got through, and we spoke. My mind was crazyyyy with joy, rubbing my hands together I said to myself yes!!! This i will face, kid you not I literally dived straight into it. I knew this would address and clarify my journey, of my family and community as a whole.

What really ignited this on going process for me is the first time I consciously connected to my grandmother. Yes!!! she been speaking on and directing my process since a child. This significant acknowledgment pushed me forward to return deeper within myself. 

"You are not your body" I cried with relief the first time I heard Edison say it, knowing this feeling I had as a child was confirmation.  These courses will present to you your selves, all of what is required to effectively carry out what you contracted to do before you go here in the first place. Ancestral Essence in a very very unquie way provided  gateways into the spiritual world. Up to this hour everything I'm seeing is confirmation of what I already learnt in the courses. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Affectionately Edison always reminded us, "Im only reminding you of who, what,  and where you truly are"



For a while I had been looking for a course to attend but never really committing to find one until I came across the Know Thy Self course. Having a short conversation with Edison who was so encouraging I knew this course would be for me. 

That first Sunday morning was mind blowing Edison was speaking of how my thoughts and feeling were as a child which got eventually was buried by the outside world. I knew from then on my Sundays would never be the same. 

Edison and the course will lead you back to Your Self and you will begin to remember and lead you back home. Edison is a gracious, generous and good listener and humble teacher.  The course content and structure will ease you and by the end you will be happy that you had attended but did that it has ended as you will be thirsty for more knowledge and you still want to connect with your fellow attendees. For those weeks you will attend they will become part of your family which you will always be connected to. 

I am thankful and grateful that attending these courses have been a part and still am in my journey back to My Self. I thoroughly recommend attending.



It's said, "when the student is ready the teacher appears", so last year, whilst on my spiritual journey, I was called to enrol on Ancestral Essense's Foundation course. And it's by far the best experience and decision to date. 

Unlike many other courses or workshops, each Sunday session feels like what I wish Church would have felt like growing up, a quenching of spiritual thirst, with Edison holding space for our inquisitive minds, allowing everyone to freely ask questions or share thoughts which always expands whatever we're learning, adding more to the overall experience. 

For me, rather than just being another course, the Foundation course was an exploration of what I call having "Sankofa State of Mind": a journey of spirit back to its true essence. I discovered my native tongue which has been life-changing and reconnected with my ancient ancestors (which has assisted me with healing and so much more). 

I've previously taken herbs and medicines to journey, but what Edison had taught us - or rather, empowered us with, has personally instilled greater self-confidence  enabling us to journey to the same realms and elsewhere without assistance.

I'm forever grateful for Ancestral Essence's introductory 'Know Thy Self', and am currently immersed in learning on the Intermediate course. I have, and will continue to highly recommend the Foundation course to anyone on a spiritual path. 




Going on this course far exceeded my expectations and truly grounded me to step up and make some soul purpose changes in my life. ,connecting with my counsel has kept me in check and understanding how to honour my ancestors has given me meaningful ritual.  Where ever you are in your life it is the right time to start this journey for remembrance of who you are.    

-Jacqueline B.



I have been watching Edison online for quite some time and would always wonder if he had courses on the subject matter he spoke of. I remember the day I reached out to him via email and I honestly was not expecting such a quick response. He mentioned that he did offer 10 week courses and informed me of the upcoming class. Unfortunately, although I was excited to join the upcoming course, the timing was not fitting. However, a year later, the universe must have known of my undeniable desire to take the Foundation course. I reached out once again and to my dismay, Edison informed me that the newest course was commencing in just 3 days. I immediately reserved my spot and the rest is history. 

The class was beyond my expectations. Edison presented the material in such a concise and humble manner. Each week he brought forth insightful anecdotes, humour, and allowed every student the space and safety to speak openly, no matter how "strange" the questions. The beauty of it all is that the courses were recorded which means we (students) have access to these videos/courses for a lifetime. I still revisit some of the material for further insight and clarity. The most profound sections/weeks for me were: "Tools for Communicating with Your Ancestors" and "Sexual Spiritual Health". If you're curious as to what was discussed, I highly suggest and urge you to register for the Know Thyself Course, you wont regret it and it will surely transform your life as it has and continuously heightens my life. Happy Journeying into Self!

Infinite thanks to you Edison for your precious Spirit and for taking such time and dedication in presenting this information for those ready to learn about themselves and to re-connect with their Divine self.



"If you are building a house and a nail breaks, do you stop building or do you change the nail?"

~ Rwandan Proverb ~

Image by Peter Olexa

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