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The next stage and the second of our online courses. This course has the requirement of completing our foundation course and being able to communicate in your planetary original language.

These are things covered in the first course.

This course is called the Unlocking of the Unconscious mind. We will be working with your internal voice to travel within the higher parts of our mind and reset as well as restore balance to our consciousness.

This Ten week course will change who you are, change how you see the world and enable you to have access to parts of yourself you never knew existed. At this point we are working with the conscious you, at this point you start to learn what you are really capable of doing.

Unlocking of the Unconscious
Image by Ross Sokolovski

I did Edison‘s Foundation course of  Know Thy Self. I was blown away by the intense information that was given. It gave me a sense of what is missing in our growth as human beings on Earth. I learnt the real connections between our Ancestors and our Spiritual Self. If you are ready to break the programming, the matrix of this society and learn the true meaning into your evolution and what you came here to do, this is the course for you.

Course details

DURATION      :     10 weeks

FULL FEE        :      £1900  (Payment option is available)

CLASS TIME   :     1pm to 6pm


LOCATION       :      Online – Zoom

Week: 1 |

Unlocking the unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind unlocked, heart, fear, ego, mental blockages entities explained.


Week: 2 |

Emotional Intelligence

Narcissism, Patience, Emotional indifference, Control of your emotion. How narcissism is destroying modern relationships, what are behind such actions and how better relationships with yourself and others can be restored.


Week: 3 |

Programmer not programmed

Programs the department of the mind, family, relationships conditioning, how we value ourselves. 


Week: 4 |                                                                                                                                 

The Language programs for your home planet  

Speaking your own Language, how to reset your destiny and reconnect to your planet.


Week: 5 |

Placing your life-force energy in a bottle

Using your language to make your own oils, make your baths and space clearing more effective. 


Week: 6 |                                                                                                                               

Death – The beautiful transition from human to immortal

Not everyone was meant to make it here, Don`t cry they are okay. Growing up in the spirit world. When your human story is over. More powerful than you were before. Guardians of their bloodline.


Week: 7 |

Your Organs speak, visit your body council

Connecting with the organs in your body to create a body council and to raise the energy to create an inner army.


Week: 8 |                                                                                                                                 

Creating your Ancestral Council, first day of soul school

Elemental, Animal, Ancestral meditations and creating your own Ancestral council meditation. 


Week: 9 |                                                                                                                                 

Visit your past lives, start paying off life debts              

Clearing past lives and current lives debts using meditation, oils, candles and baths.


Week: 10 |

Psychic readings and Ancestral wisdom

Working with your ancestor to pick up and read the energies of other people. More travelling with your ancestors into the inner realms of you.


Student Support

  • Weekly Tutorial Meeting

  • Online student forum

  • Email support

  • Class notes

  • Audio and Video of classes available for purchase.

  • Class practical work


 Assessment Method

  • Group work and exercises

  • Personal assignments

  • Certificate on completion Duration



I thank my ancestors for the day that I was introduced to Edison's 'Know Thy Self Course'.

In just the first lesson of 13, my whole mindset was transformed.


The knowledge Edison imparted over the weeks, elevated me to a higher level of spiritual awakeness. I found the foundation course so awe inspiring and waited with anticipation and excitement for the Intermediate and Advance courses.


Each level opened up my mind to a higher state of self awareness and spiritual intelligence. Edison is a marvellous font of knowledge and master of 'spiritual' teachings, he has a powerful connection with the ancestors and is able to impart the lessons he receives from them in a skilful and kind manner, with the ability to explain and break down complicated information in an easy to understand form.

What a gift!

Thank you Edison for sharing your purpose.

Love and light Anna-May❤️🧎🏾‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️👌🏽🌹



5 hour class duration over 10 weeks  = £1900

Early bird option: full payment of *** made by the *****

The plans impact the discount for the purchase of audio and video recording of the class sessions. The less instalments the bigger the discount.

Audio recordings of previous courses are available for purchase. We want to make the course available to all.


Investing in yourself spiritually is just as important as investing in yourself financially.

We all seek a peace within ourselves that comes from knowing that money cannot always buy a holistic life.

Please contact me to ask about purchasing previous audio recordings.

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