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Empowerment on your spiritual journey, using Ancestral introspection, psychic development, elemental meditation, ancient wisdom teachings, spiritual protection & hygiene, reclaiming the direction of your life on your way to consciousness enlightenment.

Breaking the mould society made for you to enable you to discover your real dynamic self. We cover the levels of development towards your true self.
Everyone is welcome, we speak to the part of you that only you can hear inside, we answer those questions that you have to events that no one else would believe.
We've got you and now you have us.
Look around our site, there is much to read, hear and see.

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For those who looking for our self-development spiritual science courses:

We have 3 levels:

Foundation Course:

Ancestral Connection 

Intermediate Course:

 Unlocking the Unconscious Mind

Advanced Course:

 Connection to your higher Selves. 

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For those looking to be part of what we are doing:


Ancestral Essence Community

Audio and video clips from previous courses, twice a month Q&A webinar, discussions, answers and much more.

What we offer


For those looking for immediate help we have:

Spiritual Reading

Teaching you how to make connections to your Ancestors, we are looking for guidance, clarity and solutions to matters of concern. 

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Spiritual Coaching

For those looking for immediate help we have:

Spiritual Coaching

Discreet, no judgements and 20 years of experience dealing issues hard to explain to everyone.

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For those looking for an idea of where we are coming from:


Thought provoking articles, presenting, challenging and explaining aspect of African sciences for all and everyone. 

Video- Interview, panels, previously found on YouTube and from our New Ancestral Essence Channel

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For those looking Personal and Home solutions for current situations:

Please visit our shop

We have oils for clearing your mind, clearing your home, providing some pain relief and clearing unwanted energies. We have tonic that helps with mind acuity. We have very pure Frankincense to clear your home.

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“Know Thyself Course” was a game changer for me personally and I embraced the teaching. 

Following the first session I knew I had found the key to unlocking my ancestral account. 

Once I had cleared my physical hard drive and reset my mindset to the reality of this life experience. I started to hear my ancestral family and tuned into my “sixth Sense” as it is commonly referred to.  Gradually I started to ignore the external interferences. 

I can see clearly now and do not attach to the many stories that I see being performed each day. 

I am grateful to Brother Edison for being a prodigy.  You gave me the opportunity therefore, enabling me to find my direction towards living a physical life but enjoying my spiritual experience. 


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‌Ancestral Essence, an experience designed to speak to the essence within you.

Many of us tend to focus on our story and not our real inner selves.

We aim to create some balance to between what you do and who you are.

You have always had the power; we just want to remind you where your strength is buried within you.

The life that you want has always been in your hands. 

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Our Story

Ancestral Essence was created by myself, Edison Agbandje and my Co-founder Jacqueline Bandin, who has now transitioned to the realm of the Ancestors. 

We had both been on a path that travelled through many spiritual understandings, from the West African tradition IFA, Palo Mayombe, Western Magic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American and Chinese Martial Art as well as Confusism.

After going around the spiritual world, we ended back home with our Ancestors within us. They wanted us to understand the world before they could teach us who we are. 

I have been counselling, teaching, helping on spiritual matters and developing the latent talents within hundreds of people over the last 20 years. 

With the guidance of my Ancestor much has been done to create clear and comprehensive ways to help restore the natural abilities each of us are born with and through unforeseen circumstances, lost along the way. 

Everyone is gifted, we all have it, unfortunately, our beliefs and self-belief are what lets us down and slows our progress. Tough lives don't help; however, all thankfully is not lost.

Our mission is of course to make the world a better place, however, we are more focused on bringing peace within you. The more you know the less you worry, nothing happens by accident, when you know why you reduce your stress and become strong again. 

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How we feel today is based on what we did yesterday. How we physically appear today was chosen from a part of our mind that we do not control. 


We at Ancestral Essence have designed our oils with knowledge of the Alchemy language spoken within all of us. This is something we teach in our courses as it is the building blocks of who we are and how we function. See courses for more details on language.

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I have learned so much from the course in terms of the power of the ancestors and how to access them. Since completing level one and progressing on to level two I have a deeper understanding of the spiritual reasons behind the causes of traumatic events and methods of intervention. Thanks to Edison's course I am now armed with a variety of tools which enable me to care for myself spiritually.I found Edison to be extremely  knowledgeable surrounding African Spirituality. He provides an open friendly learning environment. I felt at ease asking questions and would definitely recommend taking this course.

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Once upon a time we used to know, now we are just looking for the best story to believe in.

There is power in what we have and our external appearance, however, there is not a sustainable satisfaction that quietens much of our internal conflict.

We know we are not the version of ourselves we are meant to be and in this course we seek to start addressing that part of you and bring you back to the version of yourself, you can feel exists, however, are not sure what you need to do to reclaim it in a consistent and balanced manner.

Spiritual Coaching

It is not everything you can tell everybody. There are things that are hard to explain to those who have not experienced the same. We want to talk to someone who has the patience to listen, more importantly we want to explain details to someone who has no judgement and allow us to speak as ourselves.

We appreciate that all of us have a collection of different internal personalities. The issue when stressed is keeping some of those personalities under control. We understand how this process works within us and how to help you quieten down these personalities to get some power to take back control.

Continue exploring the page. Here are some videos to learn more about us and what we do. 
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