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An Ancestral #Prayer

I ask my strong and powerful #Ancestors which I have in my blood, my #spirit and my #soul, to come forward and #protect me against my foes as well as those who wish to harm me.

I ask to receive understanding, #respect and #love from all those who meet me.

I ask that you clear my mind from any unwanted thoughts as well as any inner voices of doubt.

Please give the strength to #silence my inner fear so that my true character can shine out.

We are one, we are many, we are strong, we are love, we are like the wind that can create good, we are also like the storm that can destroy that which is bad. We are all together, we are family, we fear nothing.

I thank you in advance for all that you have done and will do for me.

Help me stand up without any fear of pain, with the wisdom to be able to control myself and with the power to defeat anything against me.


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