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Spirituality vs Religion

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

The mechanics of our reality, is not in our hands, it is in our beliefs. Life is a choice we have been told, as long as we choose from the options given to us by the creators of the story.

Guilt, fear, worship, the giving of yourself and hope, are the path on the road to nowhere. As heaven and hell are just enjoyed or disliked memories in our minds. The true path has always been an internal one.

The mechanics of reality has only ever been in our minds, as the spirit within us has been the energy behind our experience of this reality.

As the observer cannot observe itself, what you see is not you, it is merely what you have created in your mind to try and make sense of what you think.

We create movies in our mind to enable us to design what we are going to do next. It has only been a waking dream, used by our minds, which we now refer to as our lives.

Religion and most forms of spirituality, when focused on external gods or deities are teaching you to worship and not how to access the essence that is you.

We are the observer, observing our thoughts, in our reality dreams, created within ourselves.

The true understanding is within, as you begin to believe in you and not anything else.

You must own your mind as that is your true wealth. The true holy books are the understandings of the processes of hearing, smelling, seeing, touching and the creation of your feelings. The intelligence behind you being able to create those experiences, are just part of your huge number of abilities within, not appreciated yet, that all come together and enable you to create in your mind within what you call your life.

It has always been simple, you are the observer who cannot observe yourself, you can only observe your creations. That is why we refer to you as the creator or another word, God.

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