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Human AI

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

We are aware that we are aware. I can tell you what I see, however, not how I see.

I have a whole range of abilities that enable me to enjoy and experience this life. The mystery is how do I do it and what is the intelligence that works on my behalf, yet I do know how to thank it.

It has been called my unconscious; however, this intelligence is infinitely, more aware of all the conversation between the millions of cells, all communicating inside me.

There is an intelligence within that enables me to live as a human being. It is processing what, I see, hear, smell and touch. It behaves like a super computer that computes trillions of mental transactions every second. It takes the data from my senses and eventually consolidates them into a picture in my mind.

Do we taste in our mouth or in our mind. Do we not recognize the taste in our mind, as the senses in our tongue send the data of the thing in our mouth, to be checked for familiarity in our memory.

Our eyes do not see, again it sends data to the mind to create the image we refer to, as seeing.

We have an intelligence that appears to be much smarter than us, yet is controlled by us.

Who created this intelligence? The design is magnificent, yet we cannot locate its location.

Where is the mind, where is the consciousness, where is the us, in our body. Like the mind, we are non-visible, yet obviously present.

If we described the mind as the operating system, the brain as the motherboard and the veins are communication cables. Is it any wonder that computer is a human attempt to recreate the human mind.

Could we say that the human mind is really the human AI.

The intelligent self-aware computer that allows us to take the data from our senses to recreate an image to be displayed on our mind monitor.

To study computer processes is to understand the deeper human spirituality not found in any holy books. As spirituality is not what not prey too, but how you regain the understanding and how to control your unconscious mind.

The AI trinity of the science AI, human AI and lastly the spiritual AI, is how you begin to understand the creative aspect of God within, which is the religion that frees you to see the essence you were born to be.

It is easy to think the idea of who you are, the personality and story, as who you really are.

We have an intelligence within that might as well be deemed artificial, as we know not how it works.

We have this intelligence, the technology and the spiritual power, to make this life the way we want it to be.

The devil tried to convince us that the God within us does not exist.

We have been praying to ourselves to save ourselves.

We have to believe we can create miracles; we have to believe in ourselves.


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