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Is life really just a dream?

Are we living our lives or merely watching a video game being played out in our mind.

We are the architect; however, we are no longer the story teller. We may design our game yet we do not own the Labels for our own game.

Fear keeps the game fresh, whilst our desires drive us.

The external God concept keeps us humble and hopeful, whilst we wait to discover the mystery of the current game life story we are presently playing in our minds.

Our names are the official title of our current game. We are the player, our mind is the console, our bodies are the controller and our spirit is the power source. We are only playing against ourselves in our own mind.

If you were given a choice before you were born on whether you wanted to have a hard game, easy game or eventful life game to play in your mind, what would you choose?

The most advanced science, the most advanced spiritual understandings and the ancient religions, agree that life is only our personal created dream.

We can become lost in our single player mind games, as we look to add value, peace, excitement, accomplishments, acknowledgment and for someone to love us.

These ideas can only be experienced as types of emotions. These ideas are mental games we play in our minds as they can only be kept as memories, as you cannot hold a moment, good or bad, in your hands.

As sleeping is just your consciousness playing a game in another dimension. Learning to regain control of your consciousness is the purest form of spirituality.

As your ancestors are your guides, who can see the secrets of the past and the future of your chosen game, your reconnection to them helps to bring patience as well as understanding to your mind, as we can feel alone in our own mind games at times.

The truth is as deep as we are, as we travel through our many layers of thought, we know something is wrong in our game, we just need to find out what, where and how can we start to take back control.

As life is a game, it cannot be won or lost, just only played. Whilst you wait for tomorrow, your ability to create in the today`s now has almost gone. You can only ever create in the now, the rest is either just living in past memories or living in future hopes.

Your game, your rules, your fears, your courage and as an adult your choices, in this life. We can sleep in many places; however, we are really only living in our mind.

If you would like to find out more on the matters discussed in this post, visit and become a site member. Our once a year Know Thy Self Foundation Course Starts in 5 days’ time. 21.05.23.

Seize today as this is when you are at your strongest. Tomorrow is based on the hope that something might or might not come to save you. Seek to take back control of your life, as hope is how others control you.

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