An ugly soul can hide behind many faces.

As beauty is an inheritance, we rarely thank our parents for.

We are more likely to fall in love with what we feel than what we know. Our spirits need love, our bodies need touch and our minds need intimacy.

We are constantly travelling with our minds much more than we do our bodies. We are often lost in the maze we call our mind’s hopeful predictions/projection as we are trying to plan a future whilst we are working to repair our past.

Clarity, peace of mind, a picture of the future you can see and feel happy to believe. Internal promises kept within ourselves, brings a smile to our face.

We seek redemption from a storyline we did not make. Evolution is internal, revolution is external.

We have what we seek, we just need others to share it with and allow us to truly express how we internally feel.

We need connection, it gives us purpose, it motivates us. It is spiritual not logical. Built in our DNA are feelings for activities, we have not experienced, however, we believe we need.

We are trying to do our best, yet our efforts seem in vain. We do not know when God is coming to save us, however, we are still told to pray.

Things need to change, we just need to know what, why and where. The first step is the worst step, as when you challenge the world's story, you begin to realise that nobody owns the beginning, they have just created the version they want to use to maintain control.

In the beginning was the word, then they add their God El to the wor(l)d and used it to take over the world.

We are more than the sum of everyone parts of our story. We need to go back, reclaim our future as our best days are ahead and not behind us. God is a creative spiritual essence, just like the one you can find inside you.

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