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Are we fighting a physical war or a spiritual war with the illness, or could it be both?

We have travelled so far along the road that we have forgotten the way home. What is natural is no longer an option, we are encouraged to follow as ideas have become mental idols and redemption is asked of everyone except those who actually committed the crime. #Spirituality is more concerned with who you should serve as opposed to how you find yourself.

I searched in everyone’s story, however, I struggled to find a path that dealt with the deep concerns of my soul. I try not to follow out of fear, the options for guidance require that I give up my very life to the cause. The truth is we are much more than these ideas/ mental idols we have been encouraged to follow.

Spirituality has always been more about how you cope with life as opposed to who you believed you should worship. Being you was never an option, as only in your own life stories will find your real bible. The god you seek has always been yourself as you are the one who has created all your experiences.

We all have been totally reliant on the wisdom within our bodies. To breathe, to walk, to talk are abilities we take for granted; and now have lost the comprehension of just how we do it. There dwells an intelligence within us of which modern science has no conclusive understanding, which they call our unconscious mind, as they are unclear of what it really does.

The Ancients` contributions to #science have always been maligned and merely described as darker religions. Alternative theories have never been encouraged by the status quo. This is such a pity as the ancients sought to understand what we called our unconscious mind. The mysteries of who and what we are can be found in places like secret societies and orders, where those who created religion are following separate doctrines that allow them to stay in control.

Can we simplify things? Everything within reality has a spirit that brings it to life. This spirit has an intelligence, a purpose and the knowledge to use what body form it in habits to survive in its environment. We are the spirit with the energy and understanding to animate our lives.

Our spirit has no religion, as it uses our mind to operate the very specific, organised and highly complex organs that run our bodies. Religion does not give you wind. Your organs are constantly accessing what your body needs and eliminating what it does not.

We are wholly reliant on the #spirit, as it tries to maintain order amongst some highly intelligent organs completing magnificent jobs in complete darkness. These organs are creating, processing, maintaining and eliminating our consumption of physical and energy foods all the time.

Our body is communicating in a language we can only feel and can no longer hear. Unfortunately, pain is our main indication that we may be experiencing something wrong. This language is part of the language of our spirit. This language is the way we create our reality from our soul.

Everything we do is as a result of the many mind languages that we internally speak. From being able to think, being able to see, hear, smell and touch. These languages give our organs their guiding instructions, as we are constantly creating new procedures to enable our bodies to move.

We use words to create the images we see in our imagination. In our imagination is how we calculate how we experience the outer world. We conjure the images in our minds to replace the prior mental darkness. We ask people for more details in conversations when we haven`t yet pictured in our minds what the other person is trying to say.

That spiritual intelligence within our bodies is how we function in this world. The lack of understanding we have of how and why our spirit creates our experience, I believe, should be the true purpose behind our quest to understand our spirituality. I believe it has always been about our own abilities which others have now unfortunately hijacked to control us and profit for themselves.

Illnesses that gain power and expand within us must do so with a guidance from a spirit within themselves. The fact that they are often resistant to methods of removal, shows they have the ability to adapt, which shows evidence of a thinking being.

Our organs create pain as a sign they are under attack. The life-force of the organ is being depleted by the consuming illnesses and the organ is merely alerting our spirit to find a way to protect the organ. Our white blood cells are called into action. However, they not always equipped, on their own, defeat the illness.

The question is, are we fighting a physical war or a spiritual war with the illness, or could it be both? Physical pain always requires spiritual energy to generate it. Antibiotics may destroy the manifestation; however, does it kill the life-force that created it? Could that be why when you stop taking the medicine the illness comes back?

The ancients always knew that illness has been a spiritual war. Their science in battle always came from accessing the apparent unconscious spiritual mind to locate solutions from the deep reservoirs of knowledge found in all of us.

The term #inspiration really indicates that your inner spirit has been in activation as it searches beyond your educated memory for an answer. With regard to health, sleep is often the best medicine as it also allows a larger portion of your spirit to be available to attack your problem.

What you can create you can also destroy, and as the spiritual landlord of your body, you have the power to give permission or remove what is allowed to exist within your being. The secret is in your internal creative language, as that can give your organs the tools on how to destroy the illness.

This science has not been lost, as we all access this knowledge to calm ourselves down and to find a point of mental balance within us in painful moments.

At this point I need to explain that these understandings and so much more are part of what we at Ancestral Essence.Com teach in courses called ‘Know Thy Self’. We have been working on how our original languages can help with pain as well as energy attachments for over 10 years now.

We have created special oils and developed courses based on these understandings. These oils are now available for postage all around the world and our courses are to be announced in the next couple of days. They will be available online as well as physically in London, England from the 2nd of October 2018.

We have been successful with our physically attended courses; however, we have previously struggled with the online courses. We aim to do better, as we want to work with people who can help us organise in their respective countries.

We are not concerned about any religion, we are only concerned about you realising the deeper power within you. Please visit Ancestral, I will be posting how we created the oils, what situations are they used for and how they become part of your spiritual personal protection.

The thing you have been waiting for is yourself, please use your spiritual energy wisely.

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