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As I awake, now I can see

As my #soul travels back into my body and my eyes open to take in the #wisdom found in the light. It takes a moment for everything to come into #focus, as I build the picture in my mind with the information gathered from my senses of light wave forms outside.

I appreciate the #world I see is a layered #dream. The picture is my creation, the words I use to describe what is in front of me, have been sadly given to me. I do not control the reasons for how I feel as my morals and beliefs were not designed by me.

I was taught to #trust, #love and #fear those that educated me, their version of the truth, I had to recite to pass their exams and apparently succeed. When I began to study the truth behind these things, I became very annoyed to the degree that I had been deceived.

A lie becomes the truth with the majorities say, however the stories that we follow are decided by the few who are still in control today. The architects of this reality are the ones that have created the god many worship and obey. They have made money, status and power over others as the blessings their god bestows on those who pray.

The real positions of external power, you have to be born into to get inside. As the vacancies for these opportunities will never be advertised to people like you or I. These people need to control the narrative of you and I, they need to make sure we stay behind their line.

An idea is like a virus as it spreads throughout your mind, it challenges other concepts, and it does anything to survive. It will work with similar theories as it tries to gather friends, its aim is to control your actions, so you can follow what the idea says.

Education is the infection of your mind with someone else`s ideas. The young do not have the mental maturity to prevent succumbing to these designed illnesses. These #ideas are taught in the sequence to create a layered story line, which becomes embedded as the truth, in the child`s mind.

These ideas infections fight to survive against new concepts being introduced by non controlled agents. The young are as important as these #concepts form their opinions on what is right or wrong. As these infections create illness when challenged, the designers have created chains which now work from the inside out.

Religion has been taught in the same fashion, the ritual of the drinking of blood may appear symbolic, however the terms used and the incantation to evoke the named energy creates such a powerful idea infection that the person`s connection to their historical traditions, becomes less important as time goes by.

This infection seeks to overwrite all previous cultural connection to self. It lays down foundation compounded with love and fear stories, which cements the strength of the idea and the pain generated if you fail to protect it.

It is natural to feel compelled to defend your children and loved ones. We all have this infection in varying degrees. The more intense the internal pain for challenging these infection ideas, the more you have of the poison within you.

When you cannot prove or did not witness the event, it requires designed pain for you to keep defending this concept. As the infection idea has no real history, it is hard to defend it outside the script as this is the only evidence of its existence. If it was debated in a court of law, it would be thrown out, due to insufficient evidence.

This works on a #psychological level as I still call out the name of Jesus when stressed due to my mental inoculations as a child. If repeated sufficient times, my responses become hardwired by this infection, which I I00% do not believe, however cannot prevent still saying it.

The major religions of today have enough money to save the world. Whilst they are still collecting from the poor, to keep themselves rich. We have to accept that poverty is now man-made.

As these religions are now growing in the economically handicapped parts of the world. Not by spreading their money to save the children, which would be nice. They are looking for new sources of revenue, whilst demanding people destroy their historical traditions if they really want to make that money.

To die inside whilst alive is more painful than making the transition. The bible is being used to replace our indigenous cultures. These stories cannot be verified that they ever took place, yet they are treated as the truth above witnessed events.

Part of the designed idea infections is to kill your own natural curiosity, your need to challenge what you do not understand and your desire to know yourself beyond the bible. The many books introduce concepts that are debated to show how well you have memorised other people`s lives.

How about you, how do you fit in to the book? When you had a culture designed by your ancestors, to deal with the issues, historically affecting you. We have had to die a little bit inside in the hope we can make some money to change our external lives.

Who you are is never dealt with, why you are here is not your concern. Every event in your life is never an accident. Your character has been developed across many lifetimes, your relationships started before you arrived here and your soul did not come here to make money.

Indigenous traditions cared about whom you are and why you are here. Ceremonies were done prior or just after you were born to determine your path in life. Provisions were done to ensure you fulfilled why your soul came here.

Yes money is important, however to not have evolved as a soul whilst you were here, kind of defeats the object. If you can manage to slow down your mind to enable you to travel to previous lives, you can begin to see the development of your nature and why you face the life challenges you have today.

Praying is hoping someone else`s idea will come and fix how you feel as well as what you fear. If you do not know why it happened, how do you stop it from happening again? Knowing brings peace and gives you a point to start looking for solutions.

We are not restricted to what we see, hear and can feel. We are not restricted to this storyline and once we can think from the singularity of our conscious mind and not our current body, we are no longer held by time or space and borders of this reality.

You will become aware of ways to cure these childhood or poverty driven infections and start to regain your mind to allow you to have access to your wise soul. The bible of your life stories lie within you.

As you begin to read the chapters of the stories of your lives, you will be able to find some peace and start on the journey to free your soul. Experience cannot be bought, it can only be lived.

Make the most of each moment as the evolution of the soul takes place on the journey and not in the future hoped scenario where you want to believe, everything is going to be alright.

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