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We can only get as close to a person as their memories allow.

Our memories are not real, they are just our attempt to be realistic.

As we conjure them up in our imagination, we are influenced, by our fears, our future dreams, our understanding of the subject and how we are feeling in that current moment.

As we have become addicted to pleasurable emotions, our created memories are the most efficient way to create our internal supply of dopamine.

Our want to be happy is our way of staying high on dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is self pleasure, whilst Serotonin needs the participation of someone else.

We spend our lives in our mind, trying to rearrange our memories to have more positive outcomes, so we can generate better feelings within ourselves about ourselves.

Our lives are the movie that our consciousness is internally watching. We are trying our best to give ourselves that happy ending. Some make it, many are not so lucky.

There are those who blame on others for their situations, there are those who demand that others to fix them. IF only become the line as they watch their lives go by.

Our ever changing memories makes all of this possible, as we are a sequence of moving memories, ever changing, ever explaining, whilst we judge them as either being good or bad from moment to moment.

We can only ever achieve good memories, as we try to override our self judged feelings from our bad ones.

You can only get as close to a person as your secrets allow.

We are the painters of our reality, if our mind was a gallery, then our memories would be the images on the walls.

We stored our secrets in our inner core vault of memories, our judgements from these memories are the ones we desperately need to rearrange.

They leave feelings in our body that generate fear as we want to get mentally close to those we love. Many have lost the one they love as their unrevealed secrets leak in their relationships as disruptive behavioural patterns.

Try to be to harsh on them or yourself, if you haven't been told how to control your emotions, how would you know.

Our childhood's were our first classroom, the behaviour of those in our environment was the lessons we unconsciously learned.

In closing, our memories are the notes as well as the scripts behind our lives.

We update our notes with every passing thought, this changes what events are attracted to us from moment to moment.

Memories are our way of healing our remembered memories, the creation of better memories is something we can all do.

You are not bad, your memories are. They are not real and you have always had, quiet as kept, the power to control and change your reality.

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