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Our lives are just an experiment by our soul

Science now confirms what the spiritualists knew all along.

Life is taking place on the inside as opposed to the illusion of externally. We are light beings having a light energy world experience.

Science has confirmed that we only see visible on the spectrum of waves such a radio waves, x rays, WiFi waves and microwaves.

The light that we see has no colours.

We create the colours on the back of our eye retina via which you might of heard of as cones. Colours are a mixture of wavelengths of light that we internally reproduce as variations in our mind.

The sky is only blue because we say so, imagine what colour that other animals see when they look up into the sky.

The information is then sent down the optic nerve where it is converted in an electrical impulse, the mind creates, images and sounds, it creates what you are experiencing.

The electrical impulses are first checked for any potential dangers and compared against other previous memories. What you see or hear is your mind's best guess of what is taking place in your environment.

Seeing and hearing are created as the last step in your reality creation, really as a way to keep you aware as a protective measure.

The thought definitely came before the vision on this occasion.

Our beliefs have a major say in what our mind creates at the end of the day.

He who controls the frame has a major influence on how you behave. Life is a controlled hallucination.

It is better to know thy self than to fear thy self, if you want to take back control of your self.

Quiet as kept.

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