Can you really love yourself when you do not know who you really are?

It’s enough, my peace is wealth, the silence is golden as I withdraw from what I can't control. The battle is real, the enemy is faceless, the war has been in progress from before we were born.

Who made you, who shamed you, who told you who you were? Who created the parameters of your identity? are you the idea or are you the soul?

Can you really love yourself when you do not know who you really are? What is it to have self-respect when your storyline is in someone else's control?

I am essence, without colour, without form, I am the creative intelligence that uses my avatar to walk around on this earth. Being my spiritual self is a problem to everyone else accept me.

Our lives are our mission. Our story is often our greatest enemy. We have been given religion to bind us to a point of view that keeps us debating what story is actually true. People are ready to kill based on ideas they have chosen to believe.

There is a difference to being woke than being awakened.

These are childlike stories which were taught before we could develop opinions of our own. The world being made in seven days, do you really think a god created us to just have people around to have a day to admire his work?

Racism, sexism, being homophobic are created mental illnesses in this world. Those who designed these labels for others knew by dividing everyone with terms, they can now destroy you by just using words.

The pen is mightier than the sword, you can be assassinated without needing a gun, the real death of self takes place in the class room as cultures are stolen, your essence identity is misplaced. We were given an inferiority complex based on the corrupted version of the history of the world.

It’s enough! my peace is my true wealth, being woke is more than just knowing your history. Controlling your consciousness is required to create your own world. We need to stop following the crowd, especially as they have been taught to follow the story and when Propaganda is legal against your own people, we live in a world we have been told to believe.

We live within our minds, we spend our time trying to bring order to our memories, we try to balance our emotions as we spend our time trying to imagine better days to come.

Our spirits are waiting to be directed, we need to regain control of ourselves to ensure we are working to just be developing our own better world.

Society is not controlled by society, it’s a term used by those who give guidance to morals that are man-made. I am withdrawing my emotions from this world story.

I understand the history and the depth of this war game. I can now rest in my spirit with my ancestors. I first had to win the battle within me.

As I am the essence, I have no labels in this world. My original name is older than the concept of time.

I am but one piece of a soul that exists in many dimensions simultaneously and my current incarnation is just a course of evolution in this universal university.

I am at peace as I appreciate that we live in a hijacked imitation of nature, as my essence is me, this experience is merely a page in my book of life designed for this reality.

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