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Cloned from Birth

Cloned from birth to think like everyone else. My mind was designed to feel inferior to other versions of mankind. Who am I, my designated label or a #conscious free mind?

I am born in a land I can never claim as mine. I am born in #England; however, I have to refer to myself as Black British. When I say I am born in England, I am still asked where am I actually from.

When everyone is an immigrant, why is it that I am the one who is constantly reminded I do not belong. Racism is not an act, unfortunately, it is a designed state of mind.

A word that has no corresponding picture is hard to see. hence words like love, hate and anger you can only feel. When I say I am English, our minds have been programmed to #appreciate that that image does not suit me. I am over it, it does not bother me, is what I am asked to make you believe. Why am I asked to wear a mask to put everyone else as ease? Racism starts from that point, not at what names you might call me. Can it be fixed, Not at local mind level. Racism is a mind program created to ensure division amongst those with no #power. The few rule the many by keeping them in ignorance. All things have never been designed equal.

This insidious crime against #mankind was designed to validate theft of people, which has been legitimised by using the word #slavery. The change may never come whilst children are taught with racism as part of the National Curriculum. It’s not hard to appreciate why black child prefer white dolls, when all are asked to participate in the Annual Nativity play. Can you imagine the impact Black children when they are shown God does not look like them? Whether the story is true or not, why are the children being asked to believe that people from that region would have been that colour back then. When the Roman Scholars wrote of visiting the British Isles, they stated the people they encountered were actually #black back then. Why is there no mention of this in school, along with many facts that would blow our minds? When racism starts at that level, how are people going to restore balance to their lives. Tell the truth, give everyone a fair chance, we are all witnessing the damage of educating people with lies. Children are behaving exactly as they have been designed, who are the ones benefitting by keep #racism alive.

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