Does what you want always workout for the best

Does what you want always workout for the best. What you need often takes second place to what feels good or to what might make you feel excited in the future.

The problem is the cost to your karma, your life story and to your body.

These actions are immediately registered against your soul and will be required to be paid in this life as well as the next ones to come.

Our good is accumulated as well as our bad, we create an auric field around our bodies, which hold magnetic potential to attract the events to us to balance the payment for our previous actions.

We are a totality, all that we think creates the magnetic energy perfume that attracts all types of corresponding events to our life.

Your thought energy cannot lie as well as your mouth can.

Hopes and dreams need mental focus to become real. Concentrated focused thought, a balanced outlook and a sense determination can be the most powerful attraction weapons that you have.

Confused thoughts often bring confused outcomes. Do your best to be positive and mentally dedicated to your own self-development.

Everything you do is an investment to your future, what you do today will meet you tomorrow in some way or form.

The temptation to cheat to get ahead, may seem the most practical option in challenging times. Reality is not fair, why is there a need to play by the rules.

Karma is not based on being a perfect citizen, the system is rigged and only a few will always win. Karma is based on how you treat yourself and others.

Look after your fellow beings and Karma will look after you.

Your children’s future may depend on it, as your debts and rewards are often passed onto your descendants, which may help or hinder them in their lives.

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