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Today is the 50th anniversary of the transition of my Grandfather to the realm of the Ancestors.

He was an incredible man. A chief, a herbalist, a man with 10 wives and many generations. Hundreds of people exist thanks to this man.

He started his own religion and many would come from neighboring villages to seek his wise counsel for settlements with disputes and for help with health & spiritual matters.

He was from the old school where man and nature could still speak the same language, where the spirit world was understood as well as interacted with and the term impossible was not a word they used.

We have truly strayed from those times.

He is my guide, my teacher and my protector in this version of the world we have been made to believe. He with other family ancestors have taught me the difference between veneration and the preferred communication with them.

They just want us to raise our understanding of ourselves and help us realise we are more and not alone in this world.

Today is also the day we have relaunched the website, new and improved.

We are offering, readings, spiritual coaching, oils, blogs and videos.

We would also like to announce a new know thy self foundation course starting on the 22.05.22.

Read the testimonials as they will give you a guide as to what to expect from our courses.

My Grandfathers first name is Agbandje. I have his first name as my surname, as he is the one who has my back.

We have spent the last 10 years showing people how to regain these types of relationships for themselves with their ancestors.

When you are ready visit

It was created for the curious and for those who have no choice. You know who you are, see you soon.

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