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We have been made to feel guilt over a lie we did not commit. As God made man, man has now returned the favour. We live in an artificial story based on histories that more legends than actual events.

Free will does not exist when none of the options were created to give you a choice.

If heads I win and tails you lose is your position in reality, there is no wonder we embrace every story of rich man dying with such sadness and shed no emotions for the poor that die every day.

I despair at how we have just accepted our educated fate and totally rely on the second coming to save us from our sins.

The good die young and the wicked live longer because those who speak with folk tongue are the controllers of the world story. Their stress is less.

The police up hold the policies of the politicians who act in the pantomimes better known as politics. The truth is definitely hidden behind them, no matter how much you scream, there will be done, as they use our energy to keep them in heaven.

As we proudly give our daily bread to those who entertain us, I my opinion, enough is enough, giving to the rich has not seemed to help the poor.

The gap grows as the quality of our education manicures reality, to make the poor happy with less and always hoping the rich will give them a little bit more.

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