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How can I win a game, I am not supposed to win?

Nowadays we tend to live on hope alone, the brave try and the weak live off the better nature of others.

How can I win a game, I am not supposed to win. Designed failure is the saviour of those who have designed our behaviour.

I was taught to accept I was less by those who stole my #ancestors historical #treasure chest. There apparently is no collusion by those who survive by manipulating our external life #illusion.

Now what I see is what I create and I no longer do it in anyone else's name. I am free from my mental slavery that my education gave me. I see with my soul and not through programs of religion, #education and a media #culture trying to give me artificial goals.

I cannot die as I am life, I create my own stories in my mind, as I know the matrix program I see in my eyes, is nothing but a lie.

#Truth is not truth when you are without all the facts. A man ignorant of himself relies on others to show him their version of himself. I am not a colour, I have a free mind.

Sadly, many of our lives have become just about serving those who are the loudest when they react. The weak claim ultimate power by guilting the strong to sacrifice who they are, to be good to them for no obvious reward.

#Love should not be used as a weapon and should be the prize for doing right thing.

#Justice should be a commandment, as theft of another person's trust and good nature should be a crime.

When the weak characters regard themselves as strong, you know something in society is fundamentally wrong.

There is a depth of better to be found in all of us, as our worse days bring the best out of us and those with real problems rarely mention them.

Your #soul made the #spirit of you and your parents made your body. You cannot be the hero in another person's society, create your own version of love, create your own version of happiness and live the life you were meant to live.

We are all #originals, we were not meant to live our lives by copying everyone else.

Mad is the one who follows the fool. I can't see the profit of asking the unsatisfied man, how can I be like you.

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