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How can you die when you were never alive?

How can you die when you were never alive? Before you were born, you were conscious of who you were, where you were going and what you were going to do.

You were born here, therefore your essence was in existence before you came here.

Your lifetime is merely your experiences mentally collated on this journey I.e., memories and your essence are merely an intelligent energy that can never be destroyed.

Like a car that has had its day, our bodies eventually suffer the same fate. The driver moves on to another vehicle.

The real issue, I am sad to say, is we feel that we do not have control of our own spirit. As we chase external dreams to distract ourselves from our less than pleasant thoughts, we have structured these ideas and placed our future happiness in these mental constructs. We hope that our aspirations will solve all our problems.

Our minds are split into two halves, we have our real selves and then who we think, believe and have been told who we are. Both sides are in constant internal discussion, trying to decide the best way forward.

The problem is our external identity is the thing that suffers the death, as it is the mental vehicle that separates us from everyone else. Your inner self is without name and is the one that is our true you. You are the intelligence looking out at the world.

The merging of your internal and external selves, enables you to have a better perspective of why you are here.

The truth is, your soul is the one that writes the script, the external identity self is merely the watcher of the play. As your soul is the director of creative energy life-force, do you really need to be told that you are supposed to be your own religion.

There is no benefit in understanding the world and not knowing yourself. When you realise that you spirt is just running the external matrix program in your mind as its sole reality, you can begin to see the biggest battle you have to face is within yourself.

The deeper you believe in the program, the further you are from yourself. This external life is just a very well-designed dream.

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