How does your mental perfume smell?

How does your mental perfume smell, as each thought creates its own energy aroma, which is subconsciously infused and interpreted by all that meet you?

People seek ways to create a visual appearance mirage to hide as much of who they are. Money may not be able to buy you love, however it can buy you a lot of attention. In a world where people care about your assets more than who you really are, in the mating game we care more about presenting the right image than showing are real selves. The more beautiful the person we are having sex with or the more security we feel with having more money, has become for many the real motivation to life.

The problem is that, what we have is not who we are and when we feel the inner us is not recognised, we want our chosen partners to deal with the real us. The one underneath the fancy clothes. The problem is we bought the cow before tasting the milk. The man may have all the cash but no deeper sparkle. The woman`s looks might be the best part of her personality.

As rich meets chic, both do not want to show who they really are, in hope not to destroy the façade. Both live the fantasy like a dream until one of them wakes up and wants to get real. As both have a sexual magnetism now drawing them together, the mental side of each wants to get practical and if the house is only built on fancy straws, it all could come tumbling down. The foundation needs to be built on smelling and understanding the real mental perfume of the other person and not the storyline bottle it is packed in. Ask and you shall find, as what happened in the darker moments of your partner`s life, will become the light that leads your relationship. We ask how did we get into this, only when we did not ask at the beginning what might be coming.

When people use other people to balance out parts of themselves, they do not like, the other person may end up going away, whilst your pain will still remain. If you cannot deal with all your issues, at least treat the other person as you would like to be treated. The rest can be worked out, as a relationship is merely someone you feel you want to travel to a mental as well as physical journey with.

It is up to you how beautiful or harsh that place will be like. Your energy does not lie, your perfume reveals who you are, we can dress up our appearance, in the end our real self with shine through.

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