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I am the I. I am not the Am.

I am the I. I am not the Am. I am not black, not white, not male, and not female, not a Christian and I am not a Muslim. When I look into the mirror, I am looking at the am, the body, the story, the classification according to a standard which I have no control over.

We are born into a story that has no longer been designed to help the I/you evolve. We spend our lives trying to fall in #love with the AM. The picture you see as yourselves has had the power to describe it taken away from you.

Are you tall, thin, demure, pretty, sexy, we just want to know if we are attractive to others. We spend our whole lives trying to enhance the appearance of the Am. We have created our #personalities based on how we believe others view our Am. Our confidence is based on the way we have been asked to believe our AM looks like. The control of your #beliefs of the Am is what those with power really want to control.

Whenever a label is placed to the end of I am a ?, you are no longer connected to the I/you, you become the? As we have not chosen any of these labels, whenever you are given one, you have to disconnect from the intelligence of your I/you to become that label.

#Fear and #love are used as a key to bypass the protective doors of the #sensitive core of our being. We are merely a collection of ideas, neatly woven to create a clear pattern to our lives. Who is your designer, what is their latest mental fashion they want you to follow this year.

When you create the labels by which a person describes themselves, you control their AM. They are no longer participating in their lives, they are now working to achieve your dream.

Love and fear can distract you from paying attention to all the details of the moment. Love is blind and stuck in fear are ways stories are sometimes told to enable ideas to bypass our reasoning minds and become attached to the core of our beings.

Ideas that are introduced by love and fear into the core of our beings, eventually become interwoven into our ideas of who we think we are. Ideas like everything else require energy to survive, they are living things. The ones that are closer to your heart/core require more of your life force to survive and create more pain within you, when they are challenged.

If you love me you will want to believe me, if you fear me you will remember everything I say. It is not by accident that history and religions are taught with love and fear, as good versus Evil stories will capture your attention and will be remembered at your core.

To control history has been paramount to the survival to the current architects of this reality. When you are mentally chained to another person`s history, you can only function as the AM and not the I of your deeper soul.

As #history has been written by the victors of the battle, it has been always conferred that those who were conquered were at fault for their own destruction and nobody else.

The lasting effects of European slave trade of the 9th and 10th centuries have been totally eradicated from the consciousness of the victims and omitted from the current history of world education.

When the Roman Empire conquered that part of Eastern Europe, they first rolled out the mental program that was now to be followed by everyone under their control.

Part of the program was to create a one world religion and anyone who opposed them were killed as the story of the Baptism of Russia had exposed.

They introduced the written word as they presented the bible, they brought to life the concept of money and they also merged time to the idea of who we are.

Before the 9th Century in Eastern Europe people used to worship their ancestors and had a spiritual connection to their environment as they regarded nature as their friend. The 7 days creation myth they did not follow, so time as we know it, did not exist as everyone takes for granted nowadays.

As the Witches were burnt for opposing Christianity, we now live in a world where any practice on any non Roman Religion in Europe is deemed as madness and the people treated as strange.

The mental program was very successful, the people were no longer thought of as slaves as they had acclimatised and now see money as the blessings of God.

The #African story is much more recent, as Western Africa is less than a thousand Christian years old. Sadly people never consider that African Ancestors had any culture as even names of the days of the week was not even in their control.

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