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I am whatever you say I am

I only see the paintings that are reflections of my #mind. The world outside is just one still big image. Our mind is the things that give sequence to it all. We create the world we see in our imagination.

Please stop, look outside of you, do not think about what you see, for a moment you can enjoy some peace and quiet. When the monks do it for hours, they might be onto to something.

We label all that we see, we give it value, we give it meaning. We create a sensation to correspond with what we are feeling. Every emotion, every desire has their own unique sensation, the mind recognises the feeling and can define what is going on within us. We struggle when we are introduced to things we have not seen before, we look to find comparisons to help us #understand them.

The problem arises when you cannot control how you are about to feel , the #sensation takes over and you have to battle to regain your composure. Have you had a moment when you tried hard to hold back laughter or you have cried for joy in a way you did not expect.

If you did not request the #emotion that might suggest that you are not in your mind alone. When you are arguing in your mind something else is talking.

No peace of mind, just cannot #relax, our minds are constantly conversing with many thoughts. Our thoughts are alive, our beliefs have personalities with pride and our pasts memories say stop do not go forward. We spend our time creating #dreams of how we would like to be in the future, we are always looking for ways to make ourselves feel better.

Our #consciousness #awareness is really the chairman of our #minds, our #emotions, #desire, #beliefs are all board members.

Who is in charge you might ask, I wish that was a simple question. Our conscious awareness, we would like to think is the one that is in control. Sadly this is not the case , most would admit, we are slaves to our desires , our hopes, our fears, our past, our body cravings, our beliefs and our Ego identity.

All of these aspect are really in control, Our weak awareness conscious chair person surrenders its control over the actions of the body and now is bullied by the rest to be the servant not the master.

We have now given up our purpose in life to live just to be an external Idea. We are blind souls looking for an external cause.

A sexual #fantasy, material wealth, political solutions, body image identity, avoidance of past memories, etc. We now spend our time dealing with thoughts arguing to be our purpose in life, trying to create emotional body sensation, that offer no progress for our soul.

Even love has been hijacked, it is now corrupted and has now become selfish. Many people no longer #love you for who you are, only what you can do for them.

What belief operating system do you use to process your reality? Religion, financial or relationships systems create the laws by which you live your life. The problem is these are all manmade and become a system of control. We spend our lives trying to live to others standards.

When I say belief systems are so powerful that they have their own personalities, they have learned to persuade the real you to physically defend them against someone else.

They can trigger a bad sensation in your body, when you experience something against them. Imagine becoming annoyed at a loved one for challenging your beliefs to the point that you would even mistreat them.

Is it natural to love an idea more than a person that loves you?

Over #money, over #religion, over I am right and you are wrong, has been the cause of so many important natural relationships being destroyed or lost.

We have become so immersed in these ideas, that we are no longer own our identity, we merely function as an idea looking for others for answers.

I do not believe in an external god, I do not want anyone to try and save me. The concept was created at a time when people lost connection to themselves.

The term GOD should be breakdown to Gold, Oil and Drugs, these are true things people #worship and based on these items people have control.

We cannot forget money, as people believe it will protect them, it is the blood of the external God and people pray for it to help them.

I want to be #free to follow the path of my #Ancestors, I don`t want be called a heathen, a devil worshiper , a crazy man or a liar who making up things that are not possible.

I am not trying to convert anyone to some new age understandings, the concept of you creating your own reality is much older than these external religions. Please do not ask me to apologise for not sharing your opinion.

My body has been created from the land, the water, air and the fire. The intelligences behind the creation of these elements used these components to make ourselves.

My consciousness mind is product of my ancestors. I am just Ancestral essence that has changed my story and returned back to this place.

The oversimplification of this reality, has left our real self with no protection. We are energies with other energies surrounding us. Who want to control our bodies as well.

The depth of what we are cannot be spoken about as we would like. People are afraid to stand out and share the things they know.

#Wisdom is being silenced and will eventually disappear, we will be left with understanding that has not saved us at all.

We are supposed be one with the earth and be able to communicate with nature, if anyone claims they can do that, they would be called by others a madman.

How can we forward and ascend and develop as a planet, when every move we make people are trying to control. So many problems people face answers are known in older traditions. People cannot use these options as there are those who will ridicule, what they do not control.

We have the most sophisticated locks to protect our money, cars and homes, we have no such protection to guard our mind thoughts.

Any media can project any mind program direct into consciousness without any restrictions or control.

You literally eat what you see, hear and feel, like you are consuming any food or beverage. Your mind is your stomach that deals with this process.

You can be poisoned in your #mind the same way it happens in your stomach, bad food and bad thoughts have the same reaction in your body.

You can be programmed to acquire a #tolerance for bad thoughts the same way like bad foods. Overtime like food, you can come to welcome these mental poisons you are fed.

The revolution was televised you just did not get the notification. The best programs are the ones you think are natural to yourself.

Many people that you see are really just talking in their sleep, they have not been connected to their real self for ages.The can only speak of what they have been told.

When you ask them what they think, they become just stuck on pause and then repeat, they have just run out of script and will remain silent until you give up.

As you peel back all the heavy layers of your blankets of belief, you will find you do calm down as you find answers for yourself.

Whatever way you go you should adopt a #mental process that allows you to grow and be open to new concepts. Stop following what you have been told, start asking yourself questions.

#Freedom is a mental state which nobody can give you. Know thy self, own thy self, be thy self, be free.

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