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I am without a date of origin

I am without a date of #origin. My body's presence has been measured by clock time.

It can download understandings previously concluded from previous visits to this #dimension.

The body focus tends to be trapped in our #memories of this life #experience.

A wise person's understandings will be based on how well their #soul has integrated into their current story line.

We all can see, however not all can observe the hidden subtleties of an apparently obvious situation.

Experience is built on repetition, however not just acquired from one life time.

When you recognise in a child, that they have been here before, please appreciate their lives are a continuation of previous ones and the soul inside them is just looking for a way to speak.

When they have made that inner #connection, they will appear to break things down beyond their body age but not their soul age, as an old person is not always wise, a young person is not always without understanding.

An older soul will find a way to communicate what they know, do not get distracted by the appearance, it is the elder soul inside that speaks and not the body they are wearing this lifetime.

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