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Imagine being told you are a million years old

That your body dies, however your consciousness survives.

How would you use such information, what would you change if you knew your story was just page in your book of thousand lives?

We have to appreciate that the end of our story was not the end of our life.

Would you take the time to try to enjoy more of your current existence? Would you slow yourself down knowing life cannot be won, it can only be played?

Would you change your sense of value to become measured by what you have done solely for yourself and not just to impress others?

Would you release yourself from self-judgement, knowing you did the best that you could with the understanding you had at that time.

As many spend their time dreaming of better futures, whilst others can't move on from their past. It is not always appreciated that everything can be only done in the present, as future and past are merely the day dreams in our minds, that we are focusing on in that moment.

Are we infinite, Immortal, an essence from the gods, that have chosen a physical existence to see how far our consciousness has evolved in this holographic universe?

Has the responsibility for our great power been given away based on our conditioning from others? Is success really just waiting for acceptance from those we view as better than ourselves?

Do you recognise the creator in you and not just live-in hope something is coming to save you?

I see Gods in stasis, waiting for someone or something to give them permission and the confidence, to be who they truly are.

I recognise self-realisation is required to become free and no longer mentally affected, by the controlled story of this world.

Reality is internal, what we create within, we self -reflect as pictures in our mind. The mysteries of you cannot discovered in one life. Our beings are immortal, we just have to change bodies from time to time.

How old is your consciousness, can it be measured with Earth time? You were born into this reality; the totality of your personality was created across your many live times.

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