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In the beginning...

In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The term personality, can be broken down to explain that, through sound we experience our reality.

The truth of who we are has always been hidden in plain view, we have been trying to look for answers in everywhere except where they can be found.

We look out at the world; however, our world begins within us. I think therefore I am, is not quite true, as the art of thinking is not a process many have ever ironically thought of. Should we not be saying, I ask to understand.

When reading a book, you do so in your inner voice, when you speak to someone, that inner voice can be heard at the same time you are #aware that you are communicating with someone else.

That inner voice is our first creation, in the beginning was the word. How can you be the voice and hear it at the same time? Through sound you experience your reality.

We communicate to ourselves in words, we use these terms to command our image creation/imagination, to then visualise frames we use to play in our inner mind moving picture reel.

When you read to yourself, your mind sounds out the words and attempts to retrieve pictures from your memory that correspond with these words.

When you did not hear the word clearly or when you are not familiar with the word, you ask for the word to be repeated so that you can match it with your memorised word/ picture inner database.

We need this information so that you can start to build a clearer picture in our mind, before we can move to the next stage.

Once you have the picture or sequence of pictures, you can then judge what you see as worthy of your attention or not.

To judge the moment requires an internal discussion with a knowing voice, that has an opinion on the subject. You can either agree or disagree with this voice. If the advice is not clear or sometimes not to your liking, you slow yourself down and consciously search deeper into yourself to see if you can find another voice that can give you better answers.

The concept of thinking is really just searching for the best advice you can find in your mind. You create the picture from the words that you have heard and your understanding of them.

We do not think we ask; we use that internal voice to search for the answer to the question in our inner real world.

We speak after we have pondered all our internal advice and we either ask for more details or just express our conclusions.

We often say, you did not really think about what I said, before you answered. You need to ask yourself better questions to get better answers from yourself.

The more important question is who is advising you? Do those voices express unwanted advice or give you warning pertaining to things yet to come.

When you are asking someone are they alright, who do they discuss the question with before they answer you. It takes two to have a discussion, you have to ask someone inside you before you can come to a conclusion, to answer the person.

Lost in conversation, watching our internal movie reel, is what we use to compare against the external world stories. Based on these conversation outcomes, we give meaning to our lives.

#Education has done a good job building a database of #information that you have been asked to memorise as the answers to your life.

The problem is your mind struggles to retrieve that information at will and as you sit there trying to remember what you were told; you don’t even know if what you were told was true.

Now the voices we debate with you, have not been clearly defined and not recognised as worthy of discussion in western education.

Education tries to bypass the need for internal discussion, they give you the word, the corresponding picture, the conclusion and the suggested way to behave when hearing the word.

They have installed a program that shuts down your need to internally search within yourself for advice. These words become triggers that can be used to conjure images and internal behaviour patterns within you at will.

These triggers are used every day to keep you disconnected from yourself and in the control of the educator.

The truth is, when you are in control and in balance of your internal conversations, you can control how you behave and how you choose to feel.

To control the discussions in your mind is the true mastery of self.

The battle within for control of the mind comes from controlling the unwanted thought voice attacking from within, seeking to take control of your actions.

We are bombarded with external programs being advertised to us via various mediums, that have tried to invade and subject our internal sense of self, to become their prisoners.

You are not to worship or bow down to any person or belief that exist outside of you. These programs have been placed to control your actions from birth to block you from your relationship with your real self.

In the beginning was the word and the word was god. Who creates your voice, who creates the movie reel to enable you to compare your inner world with your outer world? You do of course.

You are the #intelligence behind your #experience in this reality. Everything taking place outside of you is just your experience based conversation about the outer, also created by you. The inner movie reel as well as the outer external movie reel is within you.

You are the #intelligence behind all of these creations.

The battle for the self/ self-mastery first start for the control of the conversation to stop internally triggering unwanted movie reel images which cause pain, and then start to deprogram your mind from educated placed fears, as well as unwanted internal thought forms also known as the ego.

Fear is taught in images we do not internally want to see, as we generate our emotion from the internal movie reel.

Your ego has a voice and tries to keep you focused on the external world and blind to your internal one. Embarrassment, shame, guilt is the conversation with the dark energy ego.

You come from a world inside you and so do other energies come into this world from these places as well.

You are not alone and never have been, as the conversations you have had all your life internally are not with strangers. You come here via your family, you leave to go back to be with family and they have always been here with you.

You are the spirit that experiences the body and uses it to navigate through this reality. The discussions you have on a positive note are with your family, also in spirit form. You are an ancestor, travelling with other ancestors, having conversations about external stories.

You are not the story; you are just experiencing it. You are so much more and have been placed in a caged story that you have chosen to believe is you.

You create the images of joy and pain within your inner movie reel and then you create the corresponding emotion/conclusion, which results in the pain or euphoria.

You are the god behind your mental experience creation. You can believe any external story you like, however in the end you are going to have to go inside to take back control of your mind, which is the operating system of your #soul.

Your ancestors/family are and have always been there to help you, this is not a religion, it is an understanding. This is what we teach at Ancestral Essence.

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