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Indigenous Drumming

We feel the magic in our #minds, our heart alters to try to match the drumming flow, if we allow it, we can become drawn into our inner selves as we try to understand to the message that is being spoken in sound directly into our #souls. The drums are trying to raise our frequency to allow higher #intelligences that lie within us, to make their way to this #world..

The #Drum was created to maintain a link between ours and deeper worlds. The #Africans to this day use it talk to their Ancestors to enquire how to find ways to solve problems the each day. The concept of music was born out of this form of communication as we have always looked for a sound that can feel from the inside out.

There are many parts to this task, as the drum is to play a major role, the bell and the singers help to create the higher energy environment necessary for the Ancestors and higher intelligence beings to come through.

High intelligence cannot survive in a low intelligence environments. Our #Ancestors are high intelligence beings that need the appropriate stage to be set before they come from within us to perform.

It starts with the bell, the announcer, the crowd stopper, the tone setter. We hear the bell, then pause as it clears as well as cleans the frequency in our environment and the thoughts within our minds.

Something is coming, it is time to prepare.

The Drum has truly been designed as a bridge between the worlds. Before the drum is created, a #ritual is performed on the animal that has been selected to have its skin used as the medium for communication. An antelope or a goat is often the animal of choice, cedar wood from the village area is used as the base.

The #Ancient #African understood that we are all light beings and as such can never die or be destroyed. The being within the animal is also regarded as light. The ritual performed is to ask the animal`s light dynamic aspect to go to the ancestral world, communicate with them and then become a bridge between both worlds.

The animal`s skin retains some of the energy of their light dynamic aspect and as such now gives us a physical connection to the inner world of our Ancestors. The drum is a living mouth piece, with the striking of it now being heard in both worlds.

The aim is raise our frequency to the point where it can sustain the presence of our Ancestors. The bell alerts the people that proceedings are about to start, the drumming speaks to the ancestral energies deep within them, the singing is calling the Ancestors to come forward from their realm within us, to rise up , travel across our inner darkness and make themselves known in some form of external expressions.

Some feel compelled to cry, some want to move with the growing energies inside, some close down mentally and have visions of past life memories, some feel overwhelmed and need to sit down. Then there are those who can take it to next level, raise their frequency, keep it raised and allow higher intelligences to come through them to express themselves.

These #ceremonies are conducted as part of celebrations and on occasions when things are not going so well. In moments where rainfall has been scarce, where crops have not been so good. The elders recognise the Ancestors may need to be called to help find some answers.

The Ancestors are always with us, the event is now to be planned. The village comes together as everyone plays their part as it is the community that seeks the answers. Each person is told their role as the festivities commence. As the vibrations of the drumming flows through the village as the singing grows intensity beckoning the presence of the Ancestors, the crowd wait and watch out for any signs of their arrival.

The drummers look for a type of movement as energies come forth in recognisable patterns of dance. Their skill as drummers is to alter the current beat sequence to match that of the energy they see displayed in the persons style of dancing. The aim is to nurture the energy coming through so it can make it all the way to this dimension. Once it has arrived the presence of energy is plain to see.

When the #conscious has arrived, the person can go into altered state that could be described as a form of possession. The message from the realm of the ancestors is spoken by the individual. The dialogue can be long or short, the elders understand the message. With it go about making the necessary arrangements to restore and balance of energies in the village. The individual is watched and taken care of as the energy which came through, loosens control of their body and make the journey back to the inner realm.

Each village has its own customs, laws and language for communication. Their metaphysical relationships with their environment can determine how and when they choose for their ceremonies to be done.

Some traditions have dancers which help to enhance the atmosphere with their subtle yet deliberate movement. They have been known to wear masks to hide their identity. They live in interesting stories.

They all recognise the realm of the Ancestors is within us and our communication is merely altered when our family members make the transition. The Drum is an effective way to call them on behalf of a community.

In the West African tradition IFA the drum is known as the Bata drum. The drummers are initiated into the mysteries of this understanding. Drummers need to understand the different patterns and rhythms for each of the Orisha. They need to know how to call the Ancestors from within us. This is a deep spiritual science, which is as old as time.

In IFA it called Agalu known as the spirit of the Drum. In Santeria it is call Anya. Much of the understanding mentioned in this post was broken down to me by a friend who is initiated in Agalu and Anya, whose name is Ifaleke Kevin Haynes. I would like to also pay respect to Daniela De Armas who is head of the London lucumi Choir.

Kevin is teaching drumming and performing shows with a group called Kevin Haynes group elegua and Daniela is teaching her choir and performing songs with them to the Orisha. They are both trying to maintain the old ways in a new world.

This spiritual drumming is the basis of modern day music. The intention of music is to move deep inside you to raise a happier emotions lying within. The drumming sequence can always speak to a part of us that words cannot sometimes reach. We use music to alter our mood and makes us feel, the way we choose.

The magic is in the #music, our Ancestors come when they hear the drum.

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