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Land can only be claimed by those who have the means to protect it

"You cannot be in power without having control of those you are in charge of. You must control their energy, impulses and beliefs in order to keep everything on the hush.

Land can only be claimed by those who have the means to protect it. The landowners control the armies and police to ultimately maintain what they have.

Your property is only yours as long as those who owns the land ability to protect it. In times of war, people are forced to abandon all that they have, sometimes never to return to it again.

As a new regime steps in, all bets and previous agreements are off. You only own the idea of your reality based on the violence and the fear generated by the land owners towards others and towards yourself.

The group that has the strongest army runs the country. Sadly, the majority does not rule, they merely follow. They are allowed to participate in the president or prime minster selection to decide on the who will run the PR company for the real land owners.

Governments do not own the land; they merely manage them for those with the real power and who loan the governments money.

Society is merely the structure within the people are allowed live according to rules of the landowners.

Slavery was always about money, the slave owners decided on a expansion project, instead of just owning the black as slaves, the can own everyone as citizens.

People are born into the ownerships of the corporations that own them. Passports are issued by corporations and not a reflection of the land you are born on.

Police are employees of the corporation that pay them. they work to serve that company entities.

Those who are higher placed in those corporations will be better protected and those who pose the greater threat will be eliminated.

The attack on any group is more about maintaining business than being personal.

Nothing is fair in love and war, people just need to understand police are there to serve and protect the land owners business first, the rest is based on the conscience of the police person in question.

Your way of life is based on what others allow you to have. The country is now the plantation as people have been mentally, physically and financially imprisoned.

Freedom is only within the land owners laws, it just a prisoners with privileges.

A prison without bars. When you need permission to leave the land, you are not a free person. You are just free to think you are.

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