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Let's go back to the future...

Let`s go back to the #future, where the decision of who we are was really made. We existed long before we ever came into this world. This dimension allows us to develop and #improve ourselves. We are #immortal; we have just lost this understanding.

We are the one sperm in a million that made it to the egg. We have the hopes and fears of both our parents. We are the fusion of the genetics of both our #mother and our #father. We are the #consciousness of #Ancestors just returning.

We are the product of a discussion by our Ancestors in another realm. Our father`s people and our mother`s come to talk together. They discuss the bodies that will be available on this dimension. They decide on the one that will fit your lifetime purpose.

Our parents are never chosen by random or mistake, every #conception is planned, as energies need to be in #alignment. You may feel you have a difficult childhood in your life; those parents might have been your only options.

The older the #spirit the harder the situations that they choose, it is the younger soul that wants a lifetime pampered. In hard situations, we tend to look for ways to improve ourselves and grow, in good times, when tend to develop some terrible habits.

We have attached to our beings all the good that we have done, we also have attached all of the bad things. Our #missions here are trying to work off all the debts we have to others we have hurt in different life times.

We are born into a time frame where we find the ones we love. When you say forever, it is not just for one lifetime. Our bodies may change however our love remains the same. Your love can form a pact that lasts forever.

Many children visit their mothers in their dreams before they are born. They advise them to prepare for their arrival. The craving women feel in the stomach before the child is born, are the things the child inside is really demanding.

We have returned as the consciousness, we are renting our body from our family. We have inherited their natures of and their impulses. It is hard to work the part that is unique to our selves. It is a balance that many do not understand yet.

The #children lost during #pregnancy, still keeping growing on the other side. Their life force and intelligence still survives. One day I went to see a powerful medium in London. She told me that the children that I have lost were being looked after by my Grandmothers.

The #magic of each moment is created in another world. We speak from an invisible place deep within us. We have existed for thousands of lifetimes and have come in many forms. We have the memories of these lifetimes in our body.

We are the life that powers the body, we are the #intelligence behind our thoughts, and we are the Ancestors that have returned to have this lifetime. Nothing happens by accident, they are just incidents unexplained. Please go within and ask your Ancestors to guide you to your answers.

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