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Life was always meant to be a trial

Whoever said life was going to be easy was obviously exaggerating the truth. It was always meant to be a trial, a #journey of self discovery, a roller coaster of #emotions, a perpetual state of confusion trying guess what is right or wrong.

We have been taught to look externally for #answers to things that are bothering us inside. How can anyone tell you about yourself if you are awake within yourself. I trust in myself and those who made me, a person cannot advise you about things they do not know about themselves.

I know who I am speaking too when I having my internal conversations, I realised my ego speaks with a false tongue a long, long time ago.

We are the light at the end of our darkness tunnel, we are the thing we seek, we have the #power to make all the pain stop, we are the reality.

We cannot live on money alone, we need the good #energy of others to keep us happy. Be the person who you would like to meet, no one has been born to live to just solve to your problems, please don`t let your internal pain choose the next partner.

A new #relationship should not be a way to just fix your feelings from the old one. Bad designs create bad designs, don`t be afraid and demand a better life for yourself.

Love me, love my dirt is often said by a person who are still trying to get over a situation that a new relationship cannot honestly repair.

Many of us no longer know what is required to fill that void we each feel inside, we need to go back and find a way to fall back in love with ourselves.

I found going back and clearing that internal mental dirt is a good place to start. Distractions just add, they don`t take anything away.

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