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Look for the God within you

The deeper you are rooted in the #illusion, the less inclined you are to look for the #God within you.

We have a saying, the Rich person does not need God , for they are already living in Heaven.

Man has given up his own internal god to #worship the external gods of the illusion. How will ever find peace when he is searching in the wrong place.

Deafened by what you heard all your #life. The Authors of this reality i.e. the Authorities , have created the design for this Illusion. From #religion to #education, each step has been taken to lead you further from yourself.

Our #minds have so filled up with clutter from scriptures, #history , war, debts and society expectations. We would not know the truth, no matter how many layers we dug. Each one of these concepts has a fear element attached to further block higher reasoning .

Our Pineal Gland is our universal pace maker. It connects us to all that is and allows us to have access, communicate and find balance with everything. We use it without recognition of it`s potential. We use it to retrieve data from our stored memory banks, when it has the power to allow us to travel deeper into the records of all creation.

Ask and you shall receive is the way we #communicate through this glandular gateway. Like the art of love making, we are constantly exploding our intentions into the dark vortex of creation to await the return of the new beginnings.

An activated Pineal gland is a beautiful thing. It negates the need for perpetual reading of old paradigms to hope for new discoveries. You have access to your stored source without limitation to information. Everything you ever wanted to know is right in front of you.

As #nature provides so does your internal god. You just have to believe the information exists and your #mind will create a way, as discussed to find it. Invention and inspiration are just journeys into the void of your creative mind.

I wish you luck on your journey within. Go forth and explode your curiosity into the expanse void beyond your pineal .

Close your eyes and ask the question. Wait patiently for the answer to travel through the void to your awareness. In the gaps of the darkness you find what you seek and be not afraid of the audible sound , it is just your higher self. The voice may be the same as yours ,but it is not you. The first step , many more to come.

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