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Love for our family is innate, love for everything is else conditional

Do we fall in love with the person or do we fall in love with how we feel when we are with the person? Love is a drug that we are all addicted too. We can`t help it we are all junkies from birth. We love the feelings that we like, if it be from food, if it be from entertainment, if it be from the greatest drug of all, Sex.

When I saw my son born. I fell in love. I realised I needed to be better, wiser and needed to survive to protect him, guide him to best of my knowledge. Love for our children is unconditional, love for everyone else, except our parents, is conditional.

We always love our parents, unfortunately, people can be challenged to maintain the highest version of that love.

Love for our family is innate, love for everything is else conditional.

We all love a good story, how it makes it feel, were we entertained and does it have what we call a happy ending.

These things are important to us, as our lives are our stories. When someone is asking how are you doing, they are asking you, how is your story going. Are you living in exciting times? Do you have a good love story going? Are you following your dreams? Are you happy with how you feel about yourself?

Our feelings are everything, we use them as our guide, in futures we cannot see. We use them to help us navigate through the good, the bad and the complicated aspects of our lives.

Quiet as kept, our feelings are our best friend and our true first love. When they have been hurt, we can take a lifetime trying to repair or distract ourselves from the pain.

How feelings work is a post for another day, for today, we need to be aware that we create them as a result of quick or long discussions we have within our minds.

Our feelings are our conclusions, we are having mini trials in our mind all the time. We are the Judge, our life experiences are our jury, our education/society/government/beliefs are the prosecution and that voice which we often hear giving us advice we do not always follow, is our ancestral council defence.

Unfortunately, as the prosecution has always been in our ear, teaching us with fear, have an unfair advantage in these negotiations. Laws are a game of words, created by those that are above them and not obliged to follow them.

As the judge and jury, we must learn to create a fair court within ourselves. Be kind to yourself, work with your ancestral defence, challenge the prosecution and produce better feelings.

Misery is a policy of the mind, when we have let a negative conclusion create the emotions that run our lives.

Positive thoughts generate good vibrations, we all live for the buzz. We are looking for good stories, moments/events to give ourselves good reasons to create good feeling emotions. We feel better when we are enjoying our life story line.

It’s a shame how many tears have been shed over our imagination. What shoulda, coulda, woulda events that have played out in people`s minds, has created mind nightmares for situations that never even happened. Wishful thinking can be a killer sometimes, as our bodies will feel what we believe and think, whether it is true or not or even actually happened.

Love is a drug; sex is the most powerful natural version. Its potency is based on the story of the actors involved. As the stories change the love does not remain the same, we design the emotional sensations according to how feel about the relationship.

We have much more control than what we have been encouraged to believe. We create the emotions to enable our body to feel what we are thinking. The mini discussion trials we have within our minds, need to be controlled to have choice over the creation of our best friends, worst enemies, comforting guides, strong supporters, essentially the emotions we have decided is the reflection of the now moment.

Our bodies are feeding all day from what we eat and our body fat reserves between meals. Our minds are feeding our bodies, with emotions all day to maintain biochemical electrical magnetic body balance.

We crave bad food to try to balance our bad thoughts, diets need to start with you balancing how you feel about yourself in your life story, you will eat better when you feel better about the idea of how you are doing.

Thinking well of yourself always is the best way to stay healthy in these interesting times.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website. 22.5.22 Know Thy Self Foundation Course. Visit for details.

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