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Love of a Father

The smile of a #father lasts a lifetime in the mind of a little girl. It gives her sense of belonging, a confidence in hope and a pure form of love.

His presence reflects #protection, his manner can give her sense of #peace plus #security. His attention to her minds curiosities as well as her experimental expressions, provides the foundation for the woman she dreams she can be.

A father eyes talks in ways he is unaware of; however, his daughter understands everything that he has not said.

She quietly watches his gestures, she listens out for his tones, his happiness is her happiness, as he is her God until he is not.

This #relationship is understated; however, it can create the blue print to her life.

Fathers beware, you have gold in your hands and she will look for the God you should be, in every man she feels worthy of her love.

Love is not just what you give, it requires you to sometimes have to sacrifice how you feel, to raise the feelings of those around you.

Life has become complicated, as we have to frequently put faith in things that cannot mend us and hope in stories that takeaway more than they give us.

This type of #love is like essential food, as it nourishes parts of the #mind, we need in our lives to survive.

In closing fathers, you create the #mothers for your #legacy, you need to take better care of your daughters, if you want to make this world a better place.

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