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Male and Female Dynamic

What #Men are going out to buy outside, their #women are selling at home. In the west Men are missing a trick. Quiet as kept, Men require initiation into the #Mysteries to attain the connection that women naturally have. In the West African tradition IFA, they understand that nothing can grow from man alone.

This imbalanced attitude to #female priests in the modern #religions makes no sense to the Ancient African. Modern Religions are based on Men, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, etc and not based on the dynamic of Nature. African traditions are based on both the male and female #dynamic in nature. It is understood that even #Water has a male and female dynamic. Hydrogen (Male) and Oxygen ( female). Everyone uses the male dynamic Ashe, but nothing is possible without female dynamic Aje.

Aje is the female creative expansive power found in every Woman`s Womb. This power is very well respected as every Red blooded female animal on this planet has this energy. The womb principle is a universal dynamic and the intelligence behind this energy can be accessed and used to manipulate this reality.

If #Conscious men only knew, they are sitting on Gold within their home. I never understand why women wish to compete with men, when they have powers that men cannot begin to understand and few could even begin to deal with. She works with the creative #power of the #Universe within her #psyche. If she is balanced and determine, there is nothing that can stop her. If she believes in you she can raise you to the sky. We have a saying that no man can fail if he has his woman to support him.

Your woman has a #secret, she has probably had some #spiritual #experience that she has not told you about. They have #dreams, #visions, they see ghost, have déjà vu moments. I have found that if she is treated with #patience, respect and non judgement and you let her take her time to talk, when she is sure that you are truly listening, she will speak. I have seen women access information from way beyond her understanding in extraordinary detail. When she is balanced, she has an open link to past, present and future. The Male religions have marginalised her to their detriment. Women are still being seen and not heard.

This trend needs to stop if we are to form the power required to move forward. I am glad nature is not as stupid as us, it understands that you need to drop the seed in the expansive creative power of the earth to generate the energy for the PLAN(T) to come to life. Ashe initiating power coming into Aje creative power, which is how this world came to life.

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