Many of our eager actions have to be blocked by our Ancestors...

We tend to feed the calls of the flesh before we listen to the requests from our soul.

We passionately claim to be right continuously, we do so until we find out that we are wrong. We have lost our sense of Karma, as winning seems all we believe that we actually need.

Our Ancestors sent us here with a purpose, not to just serve those we been taught to fear, not to just work hard to buy distractions to raise our self-confidence, we were given a script from our soul, however, we seem to be acting in someone else`s play.

Our Ancestors can see the big picture, they have the blueprint to how we are supposed to live this life. They keep trying find ways to guide us, they are working to get us back on track.

It’s hard for them, as they have to compete with belief system that externalise the power that have within ourselves. People tend to worship external energy`s, without realising they need our spirit attention to survive.

Ancestors are always talking, given us advice that some of us follow without doubt, unfortunately, many tend to manly listen to their fears and trust how they feel to be the truth.

Our Ancestors are ever present, as they are our spiritual parents, they do their best to make sure we are okay. They want us to exceed our potential, they can be ruthless to ensure we succeed.

Your ancestors are not waiting for us in a version of a religious heaven, your ancestor`s energy can be found in your blood as well as your bones. Their wisdom is located in our DNA, the ancestral world exists, within us.

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