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Masters of Empowerment event

A week has now passed since I spoke at the #Masters of #Empowerment event held last weekend at the lighthouse, 262 - 274 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0DL Over 1500 people attended to listen to DR Umar Johnson, Mutaburaka and myself speak about empowerment from our different perspectives.

Leo Muhammad was magnificent as the masters of ceremonies as were my fellow speakers who showed why the are amongst the revered #conscious communicators on the planet.

I would like to thank Emma Sirius of Sirius productions for putting on the largest event of its type in the UK so far this year. By all accounts it was enjoyed and appreciated by all that attended, I would like to thank everyone that attended as they create a warm and excited atmosphere on the night.

I would like to thank my friends who are part of the Ancestral Essence team that helped me on the night, Amy Smith, Empress Devine & Sister Remi and also the support of me from my day one friends Barrington Batchelor, DS Jammers and SLR radio DJ Dougie Williams. A special shout out to DekahAnkh KaRa Isoke the co-founder of Ancestral essence as well as Diane Laidlaw who designed The Ancestral Essence website.

I would like to thank all my Facebook friends that are with me now and have been with me from when I started out on the Mystic Rose now Kali Jenkins days page. She was and still an incredible writer and #fearless speaker on conscious matters, I thank her and appreciate her.

Most of all I would like to thank my #ancestors as they gave me the words to say on the day. My task was to decode how we communicate with our ancestors. I was grateful to have the opportunity to breakdown the basis of my classes over the last 4 years.

We have never uttered a word without first communicating with our ancestors. We have never been alone nor have we been without their guidance.

I explained that we have not had it explained to us that our ancestors are amongst the group of voices we communicate within our internal conversation. When people say think before you speak, they are actually asking you to seek the inner counsel of your wiser ancestors before you speak.

With the launch of Ancestral, we now can expand the services, products and classes worldwide. Our spiritual Oils normally only available to those attending our courses are now available to everyone. I will be putting up a post on what are there purposes and how to use them in the next couple of days.

As regards to classes, please email me direct on to discuss new online class option for groups of friends, Organisations or associations any around the world and we can see what we both can create.

Announcements on new courses around the UK will be announced very soon.

Please register your interest for courses on the email address given above.

Thanks again for all your help spreading this message. Our ancestors do not want us to worship them, they just want us to work with them, just like every parent hopes to have that relationship with their child.

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