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#Meditation is a conversation between our #mind and the #wisdom of our #soul. As the invisible world creates the visible one, we do not recognize the part we play in the creation of the moments we #experience as our lives.

What we see is the breakdown of the light wave forms that surround us, which we retain the #language to coalesce into a picture we regard as what we see.

When you #appreciate that #dreams are our #consciousness waking up in another #dimension, you can start to work out ways to control the flow of the #focus of your mind.

The renewed relationships with the elements within us, the capacity to transfer our awareness into other animals and the ability to create objects in our minds, will enable us to feel more secure when you start on your internal world adventures.

The ultimate purpose of all of this is to really create a stable interface to communicate with your ancestors. A room with a table where you can sit down and plan your soul elevation.

The ancestors are your guides on the other side, they will travel with you on your journeys into new dimensions and past lives.

The universal libraries, the intelligence that are create and direct the elements, so much to know, all residing with you.

This is not religion as our parents naturally want to protect and #teach us, we only ever needed to know what was possible, our minds, taught by our soul, will find a way bring it all to life.

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