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#Meditative is always our current state of #mind, we are constantly evaluating our thoughts as we search for ideas that make us happy. We are no longer born into a #life, we are born into story. We spend our lives looking for an accepted fairytale to convince ourselves that we are having a good life.

As #happiness is around the bend, we need to work with others to untangle the web that has been weaved by those who knew to remain in #power, the majority needed to be deceived. The story tellers have stolen our innate relationship with our nature. We now await instructions for the most basic understandings of self.

As every examined thought is a journey into your own mind, the idea of meditation is more to do with how much you can shut out the world outside, quieten the inner conversations in our minds, than whether we are doing it right or wrong.

The reasons for why we need to meditate can create the plan to arrive at what we are trying to achieve. Some look to centre themselves at least 20 minutes a day, some like to visualise certain events or possessions they wish to have or experience in the future. The law of attraction and visions boards have now have created a next form of spirituality that is more materially based than to look for inner depth.

The next stage of inner #spiritual work requires a different depth of #meditation that asks you to reconfigure what you have previously been comfortable to believe. It is not about religion as the real you, is not religious, It is not about money as you cannot buy experience or the ability to see your inner hidden depths. It`s about developing the mind to be able to translate the information, that you feel or think but somehow can`t put into words.

We think in light protocol languages, visual, audio, olfactory, mouth sensory and with physical touch sensation feelings. When you look at a person we only understand a very limited spectrum of information their presence is trying to convey.

Their past, present and future information exist as a subtle light energy orbiting around each person, it just requires for us to remember these forgotten languages, then try to translate and break these frequencies down into words. We all know about body language; however there are more subtle things that we can interpret as feelings or just messages in our minds.

There are many methods to prepare you for a meditation, a #silent room, and fairly empty stomach, an upright or straight back and a relaxed body as well as a relaxed breathing style. I like to relax all the muscle in my body, one at a time, from my toes up to my head. This shuts down any movements in the body, whilst I prepare to start the journey into my mind. There are many guided meditations to help you connect to pleasant moments, to connect to your ancestors requires that you get off the reservation and have the courage to travel into the unknown.

Many people who meditate tend to travel in just their own #imagination. This is where your beliefs can really slow you down as If you go looking for religious figures or other historical understandings, you may waste a lot of time as you are working from a memorised scripts. These ideas may not exist to be able to communicate back to you. When you begin to travel beyond the realm of educated belief systems, you start to see for yourself, that things are not quite like you have been led to believe..

The process of remembering the languages that are hidden within our #psyche can be done through meditation. Practice makes perfect as you begin to work through the meditations with the elements, water, fire, air and the earth. You submerge yourself in these elements and eventually come to the understanding that you are part of all these things and that only your consciousness is real, the rest is under your control and part of our living entertainment.

This understanding is crucial as your #body cannot survive in some of the dimensions in our minds. There are a few more stages of consciousness preparation as you need to be able to create objects in your mind, hold the images for several minutes and then with time you learn to move into the consciousness of animals as you begin to experience what it is like to fly, run and swim .

These stages prepare you for your consciousness traveling to other dimensions and experiencing the worlds that exist within. You will no longer need to quote from books as you will have your own internal reflection to quote from. You will become aware of thoughts that do not belong to you and have answers to things that are mysteries to this world.

Your #ancestors are waiting for your internal arrival as the education of your internal being is part of what they have planned. The indigenous cultures understood this and had rituals to prepare your psyche.

This dimension is the space; our life is our time and our soul is on the continuous journey to explore new worlds and adventures into the unknown. Many can hear their ancestors without these methods. The elemental training is for when you go traveling with your ancestors.

The ability to fly as the wind, burn as fire, breathe in the depth of the sea and submerge in the earth, become useful when faced with situations beyond our earthly experiences. Imagine coming to a dimension where form does not exist and you have to interface with that intelligence. You need to create an environment from scratch to communicate with that force.

We are capable of so much more as we have always been using more than 10 per cent of our minds. We travel within ourselves with every thought, as we create images with the visual languages we still remember.

Our ancestors #communicate on just a more subtle #frequency. As you start to clear away the mental cobwebs and relearn to access the lost languages of reality that surround you, reality becomes a bigger place and the world becomes smaller.

They say to be awake in this world requires that you needs to be asleep in the real #world. Meditation is just a way of traveling within the worlds within your mind, whilst conscious awake to whom you are. This is not religion as to think for yourself is still free and our parents never stop teaching us, even when we are not prepared yet to listen.

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