Men fall in love with a hoped future. Women fall in love with a potential one

Updated: May 31

We seek love in unique ways, as we have unique needs, that are similar but not quite the same.

Trust and fidelity holds the man together, a pedestal is not high enough for the women he believes he loves.

A sense of belonging, a man she can call her own, a future based on honesty, is how she designed her dream world.

She wants a good man, with a bit character and also the strength to tell her when she is wrong, whilst still showing her due respect.

A man wants attention with understanding, to also to be treated like a king by his queen in his own home, gives him a joy that makes him appreciate what he has.

He wants to do the right thing, however, like a woman he needs security that his choice is with the right one.

To share is no crime, with understanding avoids unwanted arguments, a willingness to pay attention brings respect and patience with the differences we cannot control.

To be prepared to make mutual growth sacrifices, will help to strengthen the relationship on the whole.

Man was made for the woman, the woman was made for the man.

They should be together for as long as they can make each other happy, they need to work on improving themselves to enable them to be a better partners for the one they love.

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