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Never give up, let your spirit grow

In a world where #wealth not #wisdom is the most desired quality. Where the top is rotten, so you need to be rotten to get to the top. Where money generates the largest smile within us.

Those who speak about self development that is not financially relevant are deemed unpractical.

It is not easy for those who wake up and realise there is something wrong with this world. The alarm has gone off in their #Soul to go and ask more questions.

In a world where the Church rocks the cradle, when many as children ask Adults questions, they are told to shut up or that they need more faith, the facts are not relevant. If they do not want to go to hell they need to just be quiet.

This message is all that some need however there are those who the questions inside them will not remain silent.

They keep asking and are sometimes shunned or regarded as the black sheep in their own family. They can become withdrawn, they feel different, are often loners, looking for the truth, looking to belong.

There are many who take advantage of this quest and claim to have answers to their questions if some money can be exchanged. This is unfortunately, the plight of the #seeker as they must learn to navigate between those who want to help them and those who just want themselves.

Now the seeker is on the ride, some get off at some historical point or some ancient teaching and claim they have arrived. They have answers that will guide them from now on, they encourage others to give up their quest, have a mental rest and join them.

The answers have been written down from the past, we just need to follow and everything is going to be alright. Organisations are created and before you know they start to treat the people that do not want to join them, like they used to be treated when they were just seekers.

The higher #African sciences are no longer practical or relevant. They state we have the truth, no need to look any further, it is time to think about making the money. This is the point where their merchandising starts being created (A new church by just another name).

Some people need more, the #illusion is not enough. They need to go deeper into themselves, beyond the Church, #education, #Egyptian history, all #history, beyond money.

They need to go to the core of what they are, to their true mission in this dimension. The truth is never popular amongst those who have status or money to lose.

It amazes me that people have not worked out that you cannot take your own body, let alone the money you have acquired in this life. People save money for a rainy day, but have no mental understanding of who they are to help them navigate in other worlds.

Credit cards are not accepted in any other dimension, how are you going to cope if you only value yourself by your money. As they say in court ”Ignorance is no defence”, I hope people remember that saying when they get to the other side.

I thank my #Ancestors, my Orishas, my loved ones, my #teachers, friends and growing #spiritual family, your #consciousness is what really makes the world go round. Keep speaking and teaching , try not to preach.

Do not fear the crowd, as the crowd is really afraid of you.

Be conscious of your inner self, as the rest is just another person`s history.

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