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Our ancestors are not myths, they have always been active in our lives

We grow into our body's, we grow into our minds, we try to repair our life story, we pray for help from outside.

We have questions as to why we have to do so much to just survive. Our paths were not of our choice, as we were labelled with terms that have created barriers, unwanted in our lives.

We have worked hard to prove everyone wrong, the burden of our cultures, lifestyles and genders, other people's perceptions of us, has given us issues we have spent lives trying to overcome.

We instinctively know to close our eyes, to locate our peace and engage in conversations with the kinder internal voices on the inside.

We need space to work on our life story's, the pressures of our hopes, the controls of beliefs that govern us, we would benefit from time to have deeper contemplations with the wiser voices within, that can calm down our heads and restore our focus.

Our ancestors are not myths, they have always been active in our lives. The moment is waiting for you to develop the relationship with them, there is no need to be apprehensive, this is your true inheritance and they will forever be your guides.

Your real power has always been your ability to control your mind, you have the choice of what you think and you can reduce the pain from powerful emotions, as a result of memories you have been trying to hide.

This has always been a team effort; you are not alone and they speak to you all the time. Your spiritual family resides within you and in truth can never die.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website. 22.5.22 Know Thy Self Foundation Course. Visit for details.

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