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Our thoughts are the food we consume the most

They design our emotions which our body drinks as feelings.

We are junkies for love, we are junkies for pain, these are our creations based on the conclusions we make each day.

We eat more based on our feelings than our hunger, our diet of thoughts is more important for our health regime.

We have surrendered to our surroundings doing our thinking for us, a TV shows is like a cup tea, we use it to take responsibility of changing how we feel, to calm us down.

We are addicted to feeling something, we use our thoughts to design the atoms to create picture we see in our mind to refer as our lives.

We are the wise ones, the magicians, the healers and the powerful ones. You start with thought and always end with the feeling, you decide what happens in between, joy will always be a choice, to make your past be your future is also a choice, to master the life is to understand yourself and take back control of the mind process.

You already have what think you need, forgive yourself, trust yourself and allow that person you know you can be deep down to smile and shine.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website. 22.5.22 Know Thy Self Foundation Course. Visit for details.

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