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Recovery is what we need

External drugs break your connection with your consciousness and your natural emotional connections with your body.

The drugs can create the sense of peace within yourself; however, this is a forced stop that does not improve your mental or physical health. If you persist with the drugs, your body will eventually give up trying to do the task and allow the drugs to become your new master.

Escaping from the outside world is understandable, these are stressful times and no one can blame you for taking something to create your own version of heaven. Our bodies, unfortunately are not under our minds illusion, as it knows that what we see as outside is actually taking place inside us.

We feel what we see, as the emotions we create are stored in our cells within us as either pain or pleasure. We operate on the principles of energy balance, when there is too much pain, we seek pleasure. The problem is when you are asked to eat too much pain from others and life, pleasure is not so easy to create without external help.

The western cultures imply, that you are a failure on your first day of school and remain so until you have passed exams on the version of reality created by those in authority. Peoples lack of self-worth and the suffering from the" prove to me" mentality, was unconsciously created when we were children trying to make our teachers happy with us and our parents proud.

Who made these authorities God?, forgive me, these were the people who made the concept of God and then used it to enforce the version of their educated reality. We are not living our lives; we are merely participating in others designs.

The real you is the only thing not allowed to grow. we have been taught to be dependent on others for permission to give any value to ourselves. Bad egos have been created to protect people from the mental damage in these days of our lives.

When you do not make your own rules, you cannot really control your own destiny.

I don't blame anyone for taking external drugs, however, we do eventually need to get a grip of our real selves and begin to get beyond the memories we are trying to escape from.

Essentially, your life ceases to evolve, as it is the drugs influence on you that evolves, as it grows in power over you and becomes a partner you may put above the people you love.

We are more than the storyline we were given for our lives. We can stop and start again. The only thing we really fear is how we are going to make our body feel, as a result of breaking the rules we have adopted as our own self, which we actually didn’t create.

As soon you say I am (?), you are no longer talking about yourself, you are talking about an external identity, you have chosen to hide behind, instead of just being yourself.

Recovery is what we need, please let us not continue to harm ourselves in the name of helping ourselves.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website. 22.5.22 Know Thy Self Foundation Course. Visit for details.

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