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Silence is required on the outside as well as within

We need to close our eyes to shut down the world outside; we need to cease our inner dialogue.

We do not appreciate that our thoughts are the things we say to ourselves, with our inner voice, in the center of our minds.

We need to control our thoughts mental movement. Have you ever had a thought that you felt did not belong to you and you tried to try to block it?

The #mind is a garden where others want to plant their beliefs; you need to throw them out to really go deeper within.

#Silence is required on the outside as well as within, as we need to be able to listen. When we ask ourselves a question, that needs to travel beyond our memories, we do not need programmed fears to block the answers coming from deep inside our minds.

We have access to past lives, we have access to the invisible world and you can travel to the past or future.

We are restricted by our #imagination that religion wants to own, as we are called evil for knowing ourselves beyond the holy books.

The mind is an instrument that can play in any world; we need to start learning how to dance within. We need to start reflecting on the holy books that are the days of our personal lives, as these are the only stories that can really help us.

Be the voice not the echo, speak from within not just repeat.

Come to terms with your own story, be alive from the inside out.

Hope is not enough, we always really know the truth deep down, we don`t just trust ourselves.

Seek and you will find, as the connection to your divine, can be heard in the silence of your mind, deep within you.

We are here only in #spirit as our energy body exists elsewhere. The link between our real selves and our observer spirit is via our #pineal gland.

Our #consciousness is injected into this dimension platform as we use the mental program designed by our real selves to convert light waveforms existing outside of us, into the original HD 3D movie being played on screen, better known as our third eye.

This same program is what we use when traveling to other dimensions within us, incorrectly called dreaming, whilst asleep.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how fast you are traveling; your consciousness remains stable. You may struggle to see things as clearly you would like, as unfortunately, your mind is unable break down all the information gathered from your eyes, fast enough.

We would see things more clearly if we were stationery as we would have more time to take in all the light wave forms in the environment.

We need to gather more details to paint a better picture of what we see as our reality, in our minds. We are the visual, audio artists to this external reality we see. The reason we appear stationery is because we are only ever looking out at a picture.

If we fail to see a thing in our minds, we just accept it does not exist. A blind person is one who has a limited ability to create the same picture as we do from the external surrounding light wave forms.

The #truth is our minds see much more than our consciousness has been reduced via education to accept exists. We can only see what we believe; hence religion needs to control our spiritual intelligence development.

Remember your current life is not who you are, just merely what you are currently doing.

As the real you that powers your existence, sends part of your consciousness into other dimensions to learn and grow.

This is a play ground where forces would have us remain as children, by telling us non logical fairly tales to imprison our soul`s growth.

We are not alone on this dimension as we are interfered with by other non corporal intelligences; our souls are stuck on pause whilst we are having a relationship with holy books and not our inner god aspect selves.

Nobody is #reborn just to get a better job, it may take many #lifetimes to realise we need to think about more, than just the money.

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