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Teaching about Slavery

Teaching people about slavery is like passive/second hand smoking. You might not be the one smoking, however, you can still feel the negative effects.

I would not mind so much if the Eastern European 500 years slave trade, that took place before the African slave, was also mentioned in equal measure.

It would also be fair if they mentioned how the 3 major organised religions were heavily involved and killed millions of people across the East European and African slave trade, for profit. Why not tell the truth and nothing but the whole truth, aren't these religions supposed to be working for God or for Good?

Slavery has always been a money thing and not a race thing. The race concept has created these fake identities, which has been used to divide and destroy human nature.

Those who profited, could not care less who they enslaved. The colour thing was also created as a distraction behind which the slave traders could hide their identities, whilst everyone else is fighting a war they did not create nor know the history.

When we radiate how feel about the stories about ourselves. Why make another feel inferior by teaching them about a subject that will never turn up in any exam and hurts to hear without no obvious benefits.

Education is like the vaccination that everyone has to take without any exceptions. The virus uploaded does not cure, it works to control.

The poison is mental and effectively erodes your natural sense of self.

It is late, as the truth is now just the most famous lie.

It is time to go home, not to some country of forgotten origin, we need to go back to the best versions of ourselves.

Please remember It has always been about you and not the rich man's designed version of you. Quiet as Kept.

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